About Hostile Love, From Our View (collaboration)

I did collaboration with Dalton. It was very easy to work with and we did it very fast, thank you Dalton, check his blog if you didn’t yet, very wise and meaningful posts https://thewhitebouquette.wordpress.com

Truth be told, we all have experienced some form of hostile love. This could have been in the form of a romantic partner using the love between you two for personal validation, a parent financially supporting you in exchange for controlling your personality and beliefs, or picking up unhealthy habits because they make us feel better but ultimately has a negative affect on our health.

Hostile love has impacted us all in some way, and being aware of its presence is being aware of what is toxic to you and your overall well-being and what needs to be changed in your life to live a better one. With this, we can learn to persevere; if you (or a loved one has been negatively impacted by tuberculosis, please call our hotline at… sorry, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity) notice that a relationship you are currently in is possibly hostile where the other party is somehow manipulating your relationship in a way for self-satisfaction, you must confront the issue.

If you are not able to confront the issue or are afraid to, say the hostile love is coming from your parents, then you must keep going. Keep faith and persevere; because it doesn’t matter how long the road to a healthy environment is, you’ll get there eventually as long as you keep going towards it.

People have very different way to show their love, their is no good or bad way exept one, the brutal or offensive one. Their is so many woman abused in this world, beaten or even killed. Actually not only woman, it also happen to men to be bad treaten by their partner. Its definitly the worst way to show love, the worst way to act and the most pathetic.

Some people probably have some huge self confidence problem, huge complex or simply brain damage to be violent with their lover. If you re victim about it, the only way is to report or runaway but never stick with this kind of people, they are the worst in life.

There is not only physical abuse but also psychological and it can be as destructive with time. People have to realise what happening and face the truth, its not good to lie to yourself, you have to talk, to release your pain, it can be only positive.

If you this kind of sick person, get some help, fix your personal issues, and realise than all your angriness and problem com from you and you only. If you think you love the person you treating badly do the best for her/him and leave or get some serious help extremely fast to fix your problem.


26 thoughts on “About Hostile Love, From Our View (collaboration)

  1. Excellent post both of you! This is a terrible kind of problem and people involved are often too scared to get out. I know how this happened to someone and it was a terrible thing. Psychological is also just as bad as physical. It’s all terrible and sick really. People need to get out of those situations as quickly as possible for sure. Good work on this one.

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    1. Thank you so much Steve! (If that IS your real name… 😑 I’m kidding lol). I couldn’t agree more with basically everything that you said. It’s such a traumatic experience and can lead to so many psychological afflictions and even physical abuse 😪

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      1. Yes, that is true and I have personally seen it happen with people I have known and that psychological aspect can take much longer to heal than the physical although some have been killed in those situations as well (not people I have known). Great thoughts you shared, both of you. Yes, I’m Steve!😂

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  2. Great post and it is certainly a problem that is everywhere and occurs in many situations and relationships. It’s great to bring awareness to this. Life is rough. We need to be there for each other not bringing more hurt . Great post lady !

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  3. My partner is Bipolar Disorder Type 2. He used to get psychotic episodes and all sort of stuff which used to make him angry and depressed. But he never misbehaved with me, he always tried to keep his problems aside and treat me as good as he can. He left me because one day he couldn’t handle his mania. For three years I managed to survive with him, but finally, he wanted me to be freed from a hostile love. I hope he is managing himself better now because I didn’t see him for four years now.
    Thanks for the post.


  4. Great piece. 🙂 Good job to both of you. And to Dalton I will be following you 🙂 Hostile love looks like “love rooted from selfishness”. It’s real and it is happening, and at some point it’s hard to realize that we are a victim of it.

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