Hostile Love second Collaboration

I had collaboration with and it was very interesting and easy to work with, please check his blog if you didn’t yet. Love however is as corruptible as anything based in the most sincerely intending of human weaknesses, merely a slightest deviation of that best intentioned want to care for and protect someone can slither cruelly to where you never intended but with unforgivable … Continue reading Hostile Love second Collaboration

Who is your authority and why?

Mine is Jacque Fresco, i wish i could meet him one day and ask few question, i believe, that his answers could change few things in my life.. (ilona pulianauskaite) Кто ваш авторитет и почему? Мой Жак Фреско, я хотела бы встретиться с ним однажды и задать несколько вопросов, полагаю, что его ответы могут изменить некоторые вещи в моей жизни … (илона пулианаускайте ) Qui … Continue reading Who is your authority and why?

My Very First Statue GOKU

Isn’t he cute?😁 I started with very small PVC figure, but now my house is full of big toys😂 (ilona pulianauskaite) Моя самая первая статуя GOKU Разве он не милый? 😁 Я начала с очень маленькой фигуры из ПВХ, но теперь мой дом полон больших игрушек😂 (ilona pulianauskaite) Ma toute première statue GOKU N’est-il pas mignon? 😁 J’ai commencé avec une très petite figurine en … Continue reading My Very First Statue GOKU

About Good

I think you have to give the good to everyone, even to those who make you bad, because it is about who you are and don’t let them change you. (ilona pulianauskaite) Я думаю, что вы должны давать добро всем, даже тем, кто делает вас плохим, потому что это касается того, кем вы являетесь, и не позволяйте им изменить вас. (илона пулианаускайте) Je pense que … Continue reading About Good

About Hostile Love, From Our View (collaboration)

I did collaboration with Dalton. It was very easy to work with and we did it very fast, thank you Dalton, check his blog if you didn’t yet, very wise and meaningful posts Truth be told, we all have experienced some form of hostile love. This could have been in the form of a romantic partner using the love between you two for personal … Continue reading About Hostile Love, From Our View (collaboration)