Sunshine blogger Award

Thank you so much Rob, for nominating me, i’m very happy about it, i know it took me a while, but i’m finally here, check his blog, it is very unique

Robs questions:

1. Please post your favorite picture of yourself?

I already did in one of my nomination, but okay, here you go. Is not favourite is the most recent, i dont have favourite one, because i get bored very fast with them😁

2. Describe what your blog is about

3. What country do you blog from?


4. Name a musical instrument you’d like to play.


5. Dogs or cats?


6. What is the best thing on your bucket list?

If i tell you, if pay wont come true😁

7. What’s the top song on your playlist?

I dont have one favourite song, but i always enjoy Kygo play list.

Here are your rules:

1. Thank the blogger and provide a link to their blog

2. Put the award logo

3. Answer the questions

4. Nominate other bloggers.

I haven’t nominated anyone, because i have noticed, that many people dont really care, if you want to be nominated let me know and i will do it in my next award❤️


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