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From the post About technology.

many think GMO is a new technology but farmers have been altering food for thousands of years. we would not be eating corn as we see it today if it were not for the Mayans who altered a grass to get corn. many of our apples and even tomatoes have been altered to be the food we see today. yes science has made it easier/faster. some of our food has been altered to make them more resistant to insects so decreasing the need for pesticides. yes we need better diversity in our crops to be overall healthier food sources (think the irish potato famine) some framers are growing apples and tomatoes that have not been grown in hundreds of years because people caved to commercialism. 

so technology can be a double edge sword. but it has been humans that dictate what is to be sold and grown. it is up to use to police what technology does for us.


16 thoughts on “Comment of the Day

  1. There is some good point but it seems to give cancer those GMO. If it was use properly for the benefit of the buyer and their health it could work but sadly it seems to be use mainly for more profit without taking in concideration the health of anyone

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  2. Your writing brings to mind a book called “The Dorito effect”. The author writes about how our food has changed over time, but mostly over the last fifty decades. He states that “The dilution effect.” where nutrients are replaced by water and starch has brought us abundant and over sized food items. Our food is larger than before and food in general is more abundant, but all of this at the expense of flavor and nutrients. The Dorito Effect, Written by Mark Schatzker.

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    1. Much of the reason why nutrient and flavor is less in our food now is because it’s not Left on the vine long enough to gain the nutrient and flavor. it’s picked before it’s really ripe and it’s ripened in transport rather than on the vine and that’s how we lose flavor and nutrients. The farmers want the profit yes and so fruit and vegetables are picked well before they are ripe and shipped.

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      1. Yes absolutely, those practices do affect the quality and flavor of our fruits and vegetables, however it doesn’t account for the explosion in size. You see these beautiful, huge, bright apples, and when you bite into them, you can’t taste them. Also, chickens are larger and have more breast meat than thigh, and then there’s the tomatoes. The shape and consistency of our food has changed, and so has flavor. From where I see it.

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      2. the size, i feel, comes from the farmers meeting the demands of the general public. people want breast meat, so framers breed chickens for them to have bigger breasts. it is not natural. apples and tomatoes have been designed to be bigger because of what the public wanted. the public want more for their money. tomatoes are like they are now because they can grow faster and can survive the long transport to markets. our society has pushed out the local farmer to states and countries far away. so the farmers designed fruit and vegetables to survive the time to get to market. the public sacrifices flavor etc. to have an abundance of product at our markets. i agree, the shape and consistency of food has changed as well as the flavor. i have eaten fruits and vegetables from local farmers and they may look a bit different, but they do taste better. an egg bought at the store is not as tasty, to me, as one obtained from a local farmer that was in the nest that morning. also chicken bought at the store is larger than one bought from a local farmer. not everyone can buy food from a local farmer. gmo and selective breeding and growing food really is because of public demand.

        thank you for responding to my comment. i feel we agree more than not on the topic.

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