Virgin Flirt (collaboration)

I had great experience with this cool blogger Rob from friendswithoutborders, it was very easy and fun to make it work, check his blog if you didn’t yet, here is the link , looking for more in the future.

Flirting is not just funny or playful conversation with someone. It is also body language, but flirting on internet and in real life can make a huge difference.

I would say that flirting starts with a playful look, like smile, and few laugh. Of course, these are important things, but not essential.Pheromones are a substance released by the body’s certain glands, spreading information about an individual’s sexual desires, fertility.

I read somewhere, that the organ in the nose catches the pheromones emitted by another person, reads them, processes them into chemical signals and sends them to the brain.

It is already naturally organized that flirting is like an introductory part of relationships. Flirting is not just about people, but also by many animals. Their ritual mating dancing, feathering or demonstrating horn strength is nothing but flirting.

Virgin flirting, or innocent flirting is something that most everyone does.  Usually, it’s an early indicator, or signal, that you are interested in that person.  It may start as just ‘small talk’ at work, school, or some other social event. 

How a person reacts to your overtures can determine whether or not that your interested in them. How does flirting progress?  That depends on each participant.  It may get sexual in nature, but so doesn’t the relationship, if that’s what you choose. 

There are other receptors at work, too.  It’s the physical attraction, the intellectual attraction, and the energy that the two flirters have generated.   While it doesn’t establish a relationship, or necessarily lead to anything more, it’s a wonderful and playful way to get to know someone that you’re interested in spending time with.


88 thoughts on “Virgin Flirt (collaboration)

      1. I don’t know if I could do it all the time though! My fingers might get glued to the keyboard. It snowed yesterday, today a thunderstorm. Poor Muffin, thunder scares her!🙀😀

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      1. Hmm, good questions. Most such flirts tend to be quite innocent, though some can be a problem. Second question, I guess it would depend on how serious the flirting and how serious the relationship. Kind of hard to answer too specifically. If it is a serious relationship then I would say it would not be a good thing to do. I’m probably not saying this too well, it’s sometimes hard to type what I think, just doesn’t seem to come out right.🤔😀

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      2. Yes, that is very true, even a simple flirt at the start can end up serious, in bed and can certainly ruin a family, I have seen that happen with a couple friends. A person has to be very careful. Especially if one or both are already in a serious relationship. Unfortunately many people don’t think there is ever a problem with flirting, but people do need to be careful as you said. It can become a terrible problem. I guess I didn’t quite say things right the first time. I do better sometimes when I can talk it instead of type it.😕

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      3. I kind of figured you might still be on! You do sleep right? Okay, this is dumb probably, what was that delicious looking snack you had last night, the yellow swirly one? Great description isn’t it? My curiosity got to me!😂 Sorry about that.

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      4. I thought you already did. It doesn’t matter, I don’t want to keep you up for that. Are you signing off now? Good night then, sleep well! Raining here now, so much for going outside.😃🌙💛😺

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      5. Good morning Ilona! How’s your day going so far? Just getting my day going, slept a little later than usual, guess I must have been tired.😴Muffin is going crazy right now, she got up earlier too.😸Did you finish reading my post? Hope everything is great today!😃🌞💛🌴

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      1. You’re right, of course! Beyond certain limits, the man becomes a pest and misunderstands….and the woman is caught in an unpleasantly horrific surprise. The papers are full of unfortunate scenarios like this! As a whole, people have forgotten those limits or ignore them (like refusing to accept the answer “NO”!

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  1. Hmm.. The Standards for Virgin Flirting Have Changed
    Drastically over the Last Few Decades Now that We Have
    Hook-up Culture a Bootie Dance at a Club Where a Woman
    Aggressively Rubs Her Rear uPon the Front of a Dude as i have experienced
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    which is 18.. But seriously It seems it’s no more than a Hand Shake Just
    A Way to
    Say Hi
    and not
    even Necessarily
    A Sign that they even
    Like you as Lord Knows
    how can Any Woman Like
    A Dude almost 4 Decades now
    Younger When He doesn’t even have
    A Trump Dime In his Pocket.. My Wife and
    Her Sister always Says it is for my Money but
    i’ve haven’t bought a Drink Yet.. surely not for anyone else.. either…
    i’ve received a Few From Women Just more acts of Random Kindness i guess…
    i carry my Wife every where i go on my Avatar to keep me safe online most
    of the time it works but surely not always as it’s true Given a Line-up of
    Single and Married Men Science Shows that Women Will Choose the
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    Biology and yes
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    And the More Honest
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    And Particularly the More Fearless
    You are about everything Money doesn’t really
    seem to make that much difference not even being
    (True Science Shows that Fearless Confidence is the
    Number one Attractive Attribute to Women by 60 Percent..
    the Size of the Wallet Falls at the Bottom in single digits)
    Old Enough to be someone’s Grand-Dad hmm.. yes
    there was one time that one of the Women upstairs
    at the Club Said i wanna Marry someone Just like
    that Dude down there she was talking to/about me i’m
    not sure if she was flirting or not with me.. but i guess it was a
    Compliment if i could give one piece of Advice to Dudes about Flirting
    With Women Dance Like no one is looking just be fearless and Honey
    Bees Will Swarm all around you.. very pretty Honey Bees too.. i guess
    over 2,000 Smiling Women Photos with me in Selfies Provides the Empirical evidence
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    way i would
    have the
    time to
    fulFiLL much
    of my other
    Human Potentials at all hehe…
    i Virgin flirt all the time but i tell my Wife all
    about it and she tells me which Women are
    the Prettiest and makes a bet on how many
    Smiling faces i will acquire in photos by the
    Quality of the Colorful Dance T-Shirts she buys
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    You Stay married long enough and you just don’t have
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    i never tell
    the Young Women
    i am Financially Independent
    but i always tell them my Age
    and show them a photo of Katrina
    in Her Bikini and tell them how i was
    poor when i married Her and Promised
    Her if she married me she would never age…
    honestly that’s one of the Best Virgin Flirts ever for those
    of us who Love Fairytales and Living Happily ever after all
    it’s most always a Turn-on for a Woman to See a Couple Always in Love..
    just something
    they might want
    sooner than later too.. hehe..
    oh yeah.. there’s one other thing
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    expect from
    them either
    Just Acts of
    Kindness are enough..
    That Kind of Love is Timeless and Ageless…
    i don’t think i would even use the Word Flirt with it..
    ‘John Nash’ admitted his ‘Game Theory’ Was Flawed for
    he didn’t experience Normal Human Emotions i am on
    the other end of the ‘Mirror Neuron Spectrum’ it’s a totally different Human Place..
    when the Dudes at
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    show ’em some Fancy Martial Arts Kicks
    too and tell ’em the Reason i Wear Shades
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    hAha.. otherWise Women tell me i see their Souls.. my Secret ‘Weapon’ hehe..
    oh yeah.. pro-tip for Men.. never think talk like that will impress a Woman it doesn’t… but you’d (maybe not)
    be surprised
    how many
    Men spend
    their Life
    trying to impress
    Men.. i always saw
    that as a waste of time still do.. hehe..;)

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      1. Oh not at all, i wish you could see my face🤗, it is normal to have different opinion on the same topic, i love it, you don’t, so what? So nothing😁👌by the way i dont know what happened on instagram somehow you were gone, but now somehow you are back😁👌

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      2. Yes, I noticed that you were not on the feed anymore. Then one day you were recommended so I took the recommendation and there you were! Glad I am able to follow again..

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  2. Good collaboration! Flirting is a way to get closer to someone I believe, to show that you care and wants more than friendship…this is how I see it and many people don’t get it or they’re so bad at it 🙂
    Thank you for the information shared, some were new for me 😊👍


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