Friday Mood

As you already know, Pink Floyd is my weakness๐Ÿ˜


43 thoughts on “Friday Mood

  1. Yes Yes Yes The Modern World
    NoW Pink Floyd and Comfortably
    Numb When Folks Are Employed
    At Soul Sucking Jobs The Wash Rinse
    And Dry Cycle of Life where All Day is
    Spent in a Rut the only Escape Perhaps a
    TV Show Late in the Evening or Just a Bathroom
    Break to Relieve The Numb with a Bit of Internet Surfing
    At Work..
    Oh Lord it
    Never Ends
    Day in Day out
    Where Words And Emotions
    No Longer Even Connect Where
    Songs Start To Sound Hollow
    Where Nothing Feels like
    Honestly Nothing Just
    Numb Just
    Numb For that is all
    We Come To Feel Now
    And Remember as yes once
    Again Memories are Emotions
    Emotions Are Memories Must Spark
    Them Back to Be Reborn Come Back to Life.. Become A Child Twice
    There is Another World of Colors Yes the World of Dance And Song…
    (Love) The
    Place oF LiGHT
    And Ever Expanding
    Colors of Emotions And
    Senses Beyond the Simple
    Colors of the Rainbow So Far Above
    Below Within Inside Outside All Around (LoveGod)..:)

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