Comment Of The Day

Well, technology has its pros and cons:
1. It has provided us with better food security eliminating famines that were so prevalent a couple of centuries ago.
2. Thanks to technological developments, we have been able to combat diseases and live longer, healthier lives.
3. Technology has improved our transportation and communication networks to an unimaginable extent.

1. Technology has made wars much more destructive.
2. It has caused an irreparable damage to our environment.
3. It has enslaved our generation through gadgets and media.


17 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day

  1. The progression is so fast, too fast. Technology is good but i think its what people do with it than it make it turn as a bad thing actually. The future will tell us.

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  2. Have you seen the documentary Food INC.? They talk about how technology from an agricultural standpoint has affected the way we purchase and consume food products. In many ways technology (thru capitalism) has advanced agriculture but in other ways it’s destroyed agriculture and is making us and the planet sick.

    Technology is advancing at an alarming rate. Now we have GMO crops, little diversity in gut flora, and satellites for growing crops. It’s crazy to think technology has advanced this much from a consumerist point of view. To think that soon holograms will become mainstream. They already use holograms in Japan for concerts, and our local sports store has a display with a hologram in it!

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