Unconditional Love (Collaboration)

I had a chance to collaborate with Steve https://stevescountry.com it was great experience, thank you Steve, i dont have much to share on this topic so all the credit is Steves, mine is just the last part.

That is not true love. True love has no conditions attached. We give our love freely, not looking for something in return. All love must come from this one. Unconditional love does not look only on the outward, it does not look at nationality, it does not look at age, but it looks on the inward, on the heart.

The heart is where true love comes from. It is freely given to someone else. It says, ‘here is my heart, I give it to you’. It is love that does not fade or die. It is infinite. It is there forever. It is love that says, ‘I will die for you’. I think the reason so many couples separate or get divorced, is because there is no unconditional love.

But it has to be on both sides or a relationship can’t work. It is love that is pure. It is love that excites. It is love that stays no matter what, through good times or bad. Through arguments. Through sickness. It is love that continues. It is heart love. Heart love knows no conditions.

I believe true love mean than we give our entire person, our soul to our partner. All what we do shouldn t be with any request in return. When we expect to much it put some barrier, because at the end we always disapointed. We should give our best and if our partner do the same its will work. Its not point to always expect things. Give what you can and get what it offer for you. Let your heart direct your life, not only your brain.


50 thoughts on “Unconditional Love (Collaboration)

      1. remember i been here a lot longer. sad for fun is not a good idea. my gen we do not do selfies. me i m a word guy. i wanna know why what makes you smile and why you cry and is love love or hate too?

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      2. love is the reason. and in and out of season. just words Ilona. i m cold and autistic. and nothing can change that i am who God made me in my mother s womb to my tomb and from my father s bitter seed. ruined by poverty and need.

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      3. from my youth. being catholic in lds utah usa. and in being laughed at and bullied. it made me mean and a bully too. i made a list of them who wronged me and i got even. so my parents never even said i love you or hardly touched me. from the cradle my friend.

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      4. Healthy life style and Positive thinking maybe helps to look a bit younger but as young as a little girl. I would never smoke or take drugs or drink alcohol, i pay huge attention what i eat and i chose my activities very carry fully, still having sleeping troubles by my own choses, but i hope i will fix it soon😁

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  1. I would suggest we collaborate on something, but I’m not sure you’d want to be associated with posts like ‘The idiots guide to suicide’!

    And the folks running the mental ward keep me away from others, keeps the population less likely to riot…
    All I did was say ‘that looks crooked’ to the OCD guy in corner and ‘That straight jacket makes you look fat’ to the nice women carving her name in the table and ‘are you a nurse or an inmate’ to the doctor…

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  2. hmm unconditional love for me is forgiveness and it is should be a two way process. Relationships are complicated, you will have your best moments and some awful ones. If both of you are willing to ask for forgiveness, and willing to forgive then that is unconditional love for me. If only one person is willing to compromise, then that is not love at all. You cannot give what you don’t have, you cannot love if you don’t love yourself. So for me it’s a balance, giving an unconditional love is a two way process.

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  3. My comment on Steve post:
    to be honest unconditional love doesn’t exist, from my opinion at least, just a fantasy… the moment you want the other person to love you back, it’s not unconditional anymore and who wants to just love without being loved? We’re not prophets or saints…and I’m speaking about all kind of love…
    Probably only the mother love is unconditional
    Thank you for sharing 👍😊

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