Loyal Love (collaboration)

I had collaboration, with very wise person and i enjoyed it a lot, check the blog it is really very interesting and easy to read https://untarnishedreality.wordpress.com


Loyalty in love is primordial. You have to devote yourself to the partner and he/her should do the same. Lies and secret arn t an option, its the beginning of the end. If their is cheating in love it mean their is no true love. 

When you in love you shouldn t do anything wrong against your partner, anything who will jistify a lie. And even if you affraid you shoulf always say the truth and believe in the love of your partner. 

Loyal love is beginning of beautiful relationship, which can be continued for eternity. I believe, that loyal love is the choice of the person and you can’t expect loyalty from another person if you are not loyal on your own. 

I think that the person who don’t trust the partner have probably some personal issues than he should fix first as self confidence. At the first place you can’t trust yourself so how can you trust someone else. To feel and to have loyal love is one of the biggest achievement in life.


Love is the purest form of emotion. It’s probably the most vulnerable a person can ever be in his relationships, either it is love or friendship. This vulnerability can transform our lives for better or worse. It can open new doors to a release your inbound emotions or can break you even more.

Loyal love, in that way, is a double-edged sword. 

Loyalty in a relationship comes from a place of respect and admiration. This makes this kind of love a bit more complicated when compared to others.

Your respect and admiration towards a certain person are usually developed by their actions, their personality, their way of life and their beliefs.

The similarities in beliefs that you share with the other person are what draws you towards him and his actions in critical segments of your life develop loyalty.

This bond evolves over time, matures and creates this false sense of judgment towards the actions of that person only.

I’m not telling that it will happen in all kinds of loyal love. But it does happen at times and we never seem to question it.

This “Loyal Love” that we’ve developed over time could sometimes cloud our judgment and wavers our faith towards that person at all circumstances.

At the other end of the spectrum, it can also transform your relationship to the next level where you can be vulnerable to them at all circumstances and KNOW that you won’t be judged or be talked upon behind your back.

That is why it’s a double-edged sword.

These types of loyalty can either cause some horrific catastrophe’s in life OR can also enrich that particular relationship.

Loyalty has transcended people to unbelievable heights and has also plummeted people to the depths of the ground.

At the end of the day, it all comes done to that person that YOU choose to be loyal to.

Choose wisely.


39 thoughts on “Loyal Love (collaboration)

  1. Very good post and good advice, choose wisely. Loyalty is a must in a relationship, there is no room for lies, cheating, dishonesty, secrecy. There is no loyalty in those things. Very good series of posts!

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  2. sorry
    i admit
    i not normal
    and selfish
    but to me see
    that is unrealistic
    you can hope
    for serial mongomies
    and that s it
    take it ez Ilona
    as for the dude
    i know him not

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  3. SMiLes i like the Philosophy
    that Loyalty in Relationships
    is not only a potential Double
    Edged Sword but an Entire Spectrum of
    Human Potentials in Dark thru Light that must
    be worked out as Art ACross the Lifespan that continually
    Takes Much Effort in Understanding Differences of Viewing
    And Doing the World And Clarifying and Validating Truths or
    Mistakes in Understanding these Differences that will Change
    as We Change and Our Environment does Across the Lifespan
    True.. Smiles.. ‘Love’ Promises A Rose Garden Keeping in Mind
    Spirit of Heart and Soul
    A Healthy Rose
    of Love
    Both Pain and
    Pleasure of Thorns
    And Flowers Without
    Some Blood Sweat and
    Tears in Relationships for
    the total Work-out of Love
    The Rose of Love may Die
    if either Thorns or
    Flowers are
    Enough Loving
    Attention as Love
    Wears Gloves and is
    not Afraid to Get Dirty
    in the Garden of the Heart Beat
    of Love that Keeps Beating Strong..
    People Looking for ‘Perfect Loves/Gods’ are not likely
    Gonna be Happy For what’s in store for them if they expect
    to make it through Decades of Love that is comfortable still
    when they walk in a Home of Sweetness Rather than Bitterness that
    to Sweat
    And Tear
    And Yes
    Bleed out the
    Effort it takes to
    Make both Thorns And Flowers into
    Blooming Roses of Love That Last and
    The Same Really Applies to any Human Relationship
    And even at the Macro Level of Society as Pat Benatar
    Sings Per ‘Loves is a Battlefield’ and ‘Promises in the Dark’ Love
    Takes Work Work
    Ending Work
    Just when you think
    ‘You Got it down’ There is
    More Work to Bring Love up..
    Smiles Keeping in Mind that
    my Marriage stayed Alive as
    My Wife was once married just
    about Literally to a Demon/Devil in Hell….on Earth…
    didn’t ask for it it just sort of Happened ain’t that Life
    A Rose Garden with Thorns and Flowers that never ends
    the never
    with that
    Price always
    of Thorns and Flowers
    in ‘God Speak’ of Roses continuing to be..
    From an Indian Perspective ‘Shiva’ will lose
    the Will to Dance without the Fire of ‘Kali’ that keeps Love Alive..
    All the Women i have truly Loved have been a bit like Kali in some way at least..
    So ‘i’
    ‘i’ continue ‘The Dance’..
    ‘The Song’ of Love comes next..:)

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