Conditional Love(collaboration)

I’m so happy, that people want to collaborate with me third time, thank you so much

This is his:

What Is Conditional Love?

Your boyfriend says you look beautiful, but you better not gain any weight. Your parents praise your good grades, but withdraw if your marks start to slip. Your best friend cheers on the team if you win, but disappears if you lose. Conditional love is dependent on what you do rather than who you are — and is easily withdrawn if you don’t measure up. Being able to recognize conditional love will allow you to break free from an incessant scramble to live up to other people’s expectations.

Examples of Conditional Love:
(Fake Love)

  • I will love you only if you make me feel good.
  • I will love you only if you maintain your attractive looks.
  • I will love you only if you are successful and popular.
  • I will love you only if you do what I say.
  • I will love you only if you believe what I believe.
  • I will love you only if you keep supporting my bad habits.
  • I will love you only if you are great in bed.
  • I will love you only if I have control over you.
  • I will love you only if I approve of your life decisions.
  • I will love you only if you behave properly.
  • I will love you only if you love me.

This is mine:

Conditional or unconditional love depend of the people, their personalities. We all different and have different perspective in life.

Some people need condition to love they need to have some kinda “rules”. They can habe a difficult past, have been disapointed too much in their life or simply don’t trust in thrmself. Because of all this they have sole requirement to feel safe.

To leave more peacefully. I think it should be a mutual work to find the right balance when one person is like this in a couple or even both. To limit the feeling of restriction, but also to don t remove all “barrier” because they Ill imagine too much and it will affect their mind.


38 thoughts on “Conditional Love(collaboration)

  1. Great post again! I agree, conditional love is basically fake love, since true love should not have conditions in place. If it’s conditional love then people will leave a relationship easily just as mentioned above. Great thoughts here from both of you!

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  2. Unconditional LoVE IS A State of Agape Love that is Eternally
    Now For All to Give And Share LoVE IS A Rose With THorNS
    And Flowers That Wilts and Blooms God IS ARose The SaME
    And DiFFeRenT
    too.. All We
    Can And Real
    Free Willy Do is Surf
    This Rose of Reality Now
    The Best We Can and Will
    And Understand We Are Human
    Beings Who Co-Create Our Realities
    Based on What We Experience As We
    Come And Go Now.. On My Best Days
    i Love Unconditionally Like An Angel
    In Heaven on my Worst Days i am a
    Bit More Like a Devil In Hell the
    Devil in Hell Always ReMinds
    me How Beautiful it is
    to Master
    Love Now that is Agape
    For All.. Smiles i am CuRRenTLY
    Not Wearing Horns.. but it’s True
    i am Luke Hot About Loving All of Life
    for Some Folks Unconditional Love is a Sin
    for Those Folks Who Believe Now that Gay Folks
    Have a Right to Enter into a Holy and Sacred Bond of
    Marriage And for Immigrants to Share our Food THere IS
    A Greater Way to Master Life For Those who Choose to Master LoVE NoW
    In Other
    We Are Human
    Unconditional Love
    May Be Mastered Eternally
    Now but the Eternal Now Changes
    As All of Reality Does All of Life is Conditional
    This Way An Endless Ocean With Varying Size
    Waves And Ferocity of Storms We Can And Will
    Only Surf
    the Conditions
    of Love the Best
    We Can to rise Above
    the Ocean of Change (God) as Love..
    Smiles my Friend There is No Room For Love Without Mercy
    Understanding and Compassion that we are only ‘Slobs’ With God’s Face (Love)
    i Believe THeRE IS A Song for This That Fits These Conditions of Love Almost Perfectly
    Hehe This is my Answer for the Post on Unconditional Love too ReAlly There is no Difference
    my Answers
    Are the SaME And DiFFeRenT..:)


  3. The most unselfish type of love is given unconditionally. It is humbling to put a special someone ahead of your own agenda. My Mother has shown me amazing and unconditional love in the way that she cares for my stepfather, who experiences major health challenges.

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  4. Conditional love as described above is not love from my point of view, when you love someone, you love them as they are otherwise you can give it another name “lust, sex, need,…” but not love
    As something I wrote once in Arabic “You shouldn’t love me because of the way I look, how I act, my qualities and traits…You should love them because of me”
    thank you for sharing 😊👍

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