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 That’s the biggest debt I can ever have in my life. I have to buy one because the rent that I am paying is the same cost if I buy a house. So why should I pay for somebody’s mortgage right? I don’t have any educational Debt because I finish my college in the Philippines. Education there is very cheap. 


 Second, about buying clothes, I can buy them but I love wearing hand me down clothes from other people. I still get hand me down clothes from my relatives and check which one fits me, then those that won’t fit me I send them to Goodwill. That’s one thing about me, I don’t get embarrass living a simple and frugal life. Vacations – I always look for hotels that are on sale wherever we go! Even in Manhattan, NY I was able to secure a sale hotel that we stayed for 5 nights. Credit Card Loan – the only big purchases that I put on my Credit Card are the ones with 0% interest. 


 I can splurge for other people, but I try to contain my debt and expenses as much as possible. I live with my means and that’s how I am when I was still in the Philippines, and now this is my 4th year in America – I am still the same person. 


27 thoughts on “Comment of the Evening

  1. Wow I’m speechless Ilona! 🙂 🙂 sending you my hugs and love. Thank you for featuring my comment, but you know me I love commenting on your posts. 🙂 🙂 Really appreciate you a lot.

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  2. SMiles my Philosophy
    of Debt is the Way i Play
    the Casinos Give the Wife
    the Free Play Money finish
    with that and go For the Free
    Root Beers
    Like Walmart
    for the Free
    as i don’t
    get Charged
    For Loitering
    As Long as i Dance..;)

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      1. It is so good to see, that you guys getting in to the conversation, i’m very happy about it, i like to read your chats it is makes my day to know more about you🤗special when i dont have time to ask question because working takes a lot of time❤️

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  3. Good morning Ilona! Very good quote to share, fantastic way to do things! Here it is the same, pay rent or buying a house will cost the same, so it’s better to buy, and sometimes it’s actually cheaper to buy. Being budget minded is always a good thing, keep it up! 😃

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