Conditional Love(collaboration)

I’m so happy, that people want to collaborate with me third time, thank you so much This is his: What Is Conditional Love? Your boyfriend says you look beautiful, but you better not gain any weight. Your parents praise your good grades, but withdraw if your marks start to slip. Your best friend cheers on the team if you win, but disappears if you … Continue reading Conditional Love(collaboration)

Unconditional Love (Collaboration)

I had a chance to collaborate with Steve it was great experience, thank you Steve, i dont have much to share on this topic so all the credit is Steves, mine is just the last part. That is not true love. True love has no conditions attached. We give our love freely, not looking for something in return. All love must come from this … Continue reading Unconditional Love (Collaboration)

Loyal Love (collaboration)

I had collaboration, with very wise person and i enjoyed it a lot, check the blog it is really very interesting and easy to read Mine: Loyalty in love is primordial. You have to devote yourself to the partner and he/her should do the same. Lies and secret arn t an option, its the beginning of the end. If their is cheating in love it … Continue reading Loyal Love (collaboration)