The Power Of Positive And Negative Thinking (Collaboration)

Today i did collaboration with this amazing blogger, check his blog if you didn’t yet it is really worth the attention.

The Power Of Negative Thinking

Psychologists advise us to think positive but sometimes this can be counterproductive. It’s like when they tell you not to think of a white bear. The more you try, the more the white bear appears.

Why do citizens of the most economically insecure countries often report a higher happiness rate? They have nothing to lose, they have already known the worst possible scenario.

A pioneer of the “negative route”, was the psychotherapist Albert Ellis. He rediscovered a key idea of the Stoic philosophers of ancient Greece and Rome: sometimes, the best way to deal with an uncertain future is to focus not on the best case, but on the worst.

To overcome the fear of shame, Ellis advised his clients to travel in the New York subway and to say aloud the names of the stations passing through them. His patients had a hard time but they discovered that their fears were exaggerated: nobody said anything to them, they only received strange looks. The Stoics practiced the technique called “the premeditation of evils”: they thought of every detail of the worst possible scenario, which considerably reduced their anxiety.

The goal of this negative thinking is not to provoke happy emotions or to pursue success. It is about being realistic by accepting the fact that the future is uncertain and that this life has inevitable surprises, both positive and negative. The power of negative thinking becomes especially important when we speak of an inevitable fact of life: death. One of the most famous phrases of Steve Jobs is related to this aspect: “Remembering you’re going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.”

The power of Positive thinking

Positivity is very important to succeed in life. It give motivation to give our best and put all our chance to achieve our goal in professional or personal life.

When someone go trough a difficult or potential deadly decease, the positive thought can be as strong as the medicine, i believe its primordial. Some people was even condamn to death by their doctor, and their positivity and strength pull them out of it, and they recover.

To spread the light around us and give happiness to friend and family the best is obviously to stay away fro negativity and push the one around us always to the top by encouraging them.

Positive thinking can bring happiness to the heart and soul. Their is no secret in life to reach the true happiness, the first step start from the positivity.

Positivity in any kind of relationship is one of the most important part of it. Always do all what you can to give self confidence to the person you love. To be an example also to our children we should always show positivity.


31 thoughts on “The Power Of Positive And Negative Thinking (Collaboration)

  1. Well Ilona, I tend to agree with you on this, positive thinking is definitely the way to go. Thinking on the negative never helps except to make us more negative and that only works to make those around us negative as well. Being positive, as you said, is a good medicine and often does more to help than medicine. It certainly doesn’t hurt, and being positive always will help those around us in some way. And by being a positive example to children will help them to grow up thinking positively also. So much more could be said, I’ll stop for now. Enjoy your evening, great post!😃🌙

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  2. Hi Steve, I get what people are saying about only keeping a positive thinking. I disagree though with you here :

    “Thinking on the negative never helps except to make us more negative and…”

    For the reason I make in my last post on

    It was fear or “negative thinking” that got my character to PICK IT UP-but it had a positive effect. She took a deep breath in and sprang for her life. It saved her. At least that was the effect I was going for but who knows if it actually made any sense. Baahahaha! 🙃

    I’ve been making more of an interest in the this idea of fear/hope two different perspectives on the same what do you call it? Coin? And how this motivates us into action-action being positive, negative or neutral.

    What do you think? 🤔
    Ps. Forecast is for warmer temps this weekend🧚‍♀️

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  3. Hehe.. been gone a Day and there are 8 Blog Posts
    to catch up on.. and i see the Comments Sections
    Are Still open to Facilitate the Avenues for just
    that.. Truly in Life what i love the Most are
    Avenues that are Free to Express myself
    Haha.. You are Wide open for
    that so i fly a bit with you
    too.. hehe.. as i Feel
    Your Creativity
    Burning a bit
    through the May
    Days Season of Spring too..
    hehe.. us Creative People are like
    that the Sun Lights us up even higher…
    Anyway as the Star Wars Saga with both Sith
    And Jedi Influence illustrateS well there is Peace
    And Harmony but there is also no Gain without Pain..
    Life is Animal Homeostasis that way at rest Now More
    Peace and Harmony but we must also be Strong Enough
    to make it through the fights and flights of Life.. Otherwise
    Humans And Other Animals And Life In general will not survive
    well in a state of
    Either Fear
    of Dark
    or Cyncism
    oF LiGHT.. i am not afraid NoW
    of the Dark i will wield my Light
    Saber of Inner Strength against it nor
    will i be afraid of Pouring Tears when Loss
    of Love comes too.. true there are days when
    i will be a bit Jealous and that will only make
    me stronger too as i get over that.. hmm.. envy
    can’t say i ever experience much of that as i am
    Happy for who i am just as i am now.. overflowing
    a bit there but true Envy can and will be an excellent
    motivator in small enough portions to motivate someone
    to do better too.. honestly in my life i’ve had a lot of envy
    too.. true i just tried harder and achieved what i Wished Most
    i should be able to do by the blood and sweat and tears of all my
    Effort.. yes.. when i was Younger i wanted to be Stronger.. yes i wanted
    to attract Women more too.. of course Girls back then.. i was envious
    of folks who had Air-Conditioners in their Cars and Heaters too.. yes
    more than a Peanut Butter Sandwich would have been nice in
    University Life too..
    but the thing is
    for all those
    ‘Delicacies’ of Life that
    other folks had that i didn’t
    have then i worked for them
    i appreciate what i have for i worked
    so hard for the little ‘Delicacies’ of Life that
    Most folks with Higher Paid Parents could take
    for Granted in life.. my Mother charged me for Her
    Car to buy it from her i had to pay my own insurance
    and now i am just satisfied with what i have but what still
    exists is a Work-Ethic to Get Stuff done whether i get paid or not..
    i am glad i had a Single Mother
    Who taught me to
    Pay my own
    way like
    that indeed
    is why i came then
    financially independent
    with Savings in the Bank
    in my 40’s along with a Modest
    Retirement Income too for sticking
    with the same Job in active pay for 25 Years..
    And Other Jobs before that for 8 Years too for 33
    Years of Work total.. smiles my Friend the things that taught
    me most were the Darkness of Losing Loves Watching my Child
    Suffer for 51 days holding him while he passed away in my arms
    Watching my Mother Pass Away without food or drink in Hospice
    Care for 8 Days.. no Life Support for her.. yes Losing Pets and Grieving
    and Appreciating Loving the Next Pet even more.. appreciating Light
    and Understanding
    that the
    even more
    Colors to the Light
    of our Emotions iN Life..
    i am not afraid of the Dark
    Therefore i Appreciate the DArk
    For all the additional Colors Dark Brings to Light..
    And what’s Really Cool About Writing Free Verse Poetry
    We Can And Will Pour All Our Darkness In Words Then
    Beauty Comes From Ashes LeaVinG Forests Of Colors Behind..:)

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  4. Your write-up is really on a positive note. As life is uncertain, any time anything could happen and we are no more – we have to prepare for this contingency. Preparing for the worst but what we have presently, we can utilize to the best of our capability.

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