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We should keep in mind that change is the law of life, what seemed to be fun 20 years ago might be boring to today’s generation, but that doesn’t mean what we used to do is the right thing. We used to spend hours reading comics and playing outside which I might also say is dangerous since you have more chance to run into an accident outside. Everything is dangerous when it becomes excessive, whether it was technology or not. Playing football outside with your friends all day is a bad thing, staying in the sun all day isn’t healthy, and so on. So your argument applies to everything not just technology.
I always used to wonder how today’s kids loved the fidget spinners, while I found it very boring. But then come to think of it again, I am pretty sure my parents used to see my gameboy as lame when I used to play it. So let’s not forget that we grow up, and as we do, our preferences change. So let kids do what kids do, and not force them to do what we used to do, because again, change is the law of life and we shouldn’t stop it. But of course, let’s keep a look out for today’s kids and make sure they don’t get addicted to technology.


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  1. You are right in a certain way.
    But nowadays, when we analyse the education , one’s could conclude that parents seem to be less and less the master of the education of their own children. Tecnology is going to be the real parent.I mean the educator; that was not the case 20 years ago. So, when the rules of a game changed, is-it the same game? if yes, then Kids should not be so free by doing what they want to do. They must be sometimes guided in order to be sure that they are really doing what kids do. In others words, liberty ( choices) should not be entirely given to them so as to help them be able to avoid some mistakes when they are growing up.

    Thank you so much for your article. I find it very nice and instructive.

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  2. Being a child has had challenges for every generation. Older people always have said, they had it tougher. Younger always think they no better, after all, old people are old 😁… Truthfully we can learn from each other at any age if we listen 😉

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  3. Oh My God Yes Kids (Adults too) And Their Electronic
    Devices Spoon-Fed Life Bits and Bytes always now
    With no more Attention Span as
    Science Shows on Average now
    Less than a Gold Fish
    True that doesn’t
    even Last 280
    Characters of
    A Twitter Breath
    Everyday Let the
    Children Loose
    In Mud Puddle
    Life let them Build
    Castles in the Mud and
    yes get Resistant to Germs
    And Not get so many Auto-Immune Diseases too..:)

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