About Debt (Collaboration)

Here we are yesterday we decided to do collaboration post with Steve https://stevescountry.com his blog is very natural and easy to read, specially if you like photography and pets.

About Debt Experience.

Talking about debt is a touchy subject for many. I’m talking finances, and it impacts the lives of the majority of people in many countries. Here, for every dollar earned, people owe $1.75. Doesn’t sound too bad? It means that most people will never get out of debt their whole life. Sometimes debt is unavoidable, such as buying a house. But most debt is bad choices. I’ve been there and it isn’t fun. It’s plain stressful. You work hard to pay off the debt and hardly pay the interest. But why are you in debt? You need a car, but you don’t need the most expensive one you can find. Just because your neighbor bought a new car, doesn’t mean you need one. Maybe your neighbor goes on expensive vacations twice a year.

Does that mean you have to go on the same vacations? Vacations are good, if you can afford it. But don’t go into debt for it. Need new clothes? Are you sure? Last months clothes are suddenly no good because your friend just bought new clothes? Do you really need to eat out every day? And put it on that nice piece of plastic so you don’t see it? Until the end of the month. Buy this and that on easy payment plans. Sounds great. But it adds up, fast. And you are barely making the minimum payment each month. You forget to look at that line that says how long it will take to pay it back. 64 years! Hey, that’s not a fairy tale. I have been there. But I got out. How? By keeping to things I could afford. Paying cash. AND, concentrating on getting that debt paid down. Which isn’t easy, I understand, but it’s worth it!

About Having No Experience With Evil.

I had never experienced debt, because i think is not alright to over pay, i better find few extra jobs on the side for few month until i get enough to buy what i need or what i want. I never had to pay for studies, i was blessed to grow up in France, yes we have huge tax everywhere and on everything, but at the end we have good medical care which is free and free educations as well.

You always should think twice before entering in this vicious cycle of debt. It feel lile a way out sometime but in can be a way to be in bigger trouble. Some people take loan to pay the loan and again and again. At the end you pay a huge amount of money to banks and it make your trouble just worst. In certain case there is sadly no choice like for studies in country as America, where it cost an enormous amount of money. I m lucky to live in a country where it is free to learn, it should be everywhere like this. Every human should be equal but this is another subject.


21 thoughts on “About Debt (Collaboration)

  1. Super like this post, and of course I am fan of https://stevescountry.com/ too. Love you both! Anyway I am soo familiar to this topic DEBT. I am in Debt cause I own a house here in America 🙂 🙂 That’s the biggest debt I can ever have in my life. I have to buy one because the rent that I am paying is the same cost if I buy a house. So why should I pay for somebody’s mortgage right? I don’t have any educational Debt because I finish my college in the Philippines. Education there is very cheap. 🙂 Second, about buying clothes, I can buy them but I love wearing hand me down clothes from other people. I still get hand me down clothes from my relatives and check which one fits me, then those that won’t fit me I send them to Goodwill. That’s one thing about me, I don’t get embarrass living a simple and frugal life. Vacations – I always look for hotels that are on sale wherever we go! Even in Manhattan, NY I was able to secure a sale hotel that we stayed for 5 nights. Credit Card Loan – the only big purchases that I put on my Credit Card are the ones with 0% interest. 🙂 I can splurge for other people, but I try to contain my debt and expenses as much as possible. I live with my means and that’s how I am when I was still in the Philippines, and now this is my 4th year in America – I am still the same person. 🙂

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      1. SMiLe my Friend some folks Spend Their Lives only attempting
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        Life.. i only Expect a Rose Garden of Thorns
        And Flowers And that’s the Normalcy of What i find i for one Love iT aLL..:)

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  2. The only debt I have is college loans. $66,000 I owe. I will never have it paid off before the forgiven date. I spend what I can so I have plenty put away in savings for emergencies. But my boyfriend tells me I am too careful about not spending any money

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  3. This was my comment on Steve post and it will be the same here:
    Great topic and collaboration! The big institutions make sure the people are always in debt for their benefits, especially through loans and credit cards…a person must be wise and really be convinced of what they have and not imitate others especially who are wealthier, it’s always a lost bet!


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