Things, That You Should Avoid Before Sleeping

Sleeping is a very important thing to have good health, to be focus and succeed in your life.

To sleep well you should avoid few things, any screen at least 30 minutes before you go to bed or even an hour, you should avoid any exciting liquid as coffee, energy drinks or even vitamins C as orange juice. Also its better to don’t eat your dinner too late to have time to digest, and try to avoid too heavy dinner, better eat an heavy lunch than an heavy dinner. A good book before sleeping time everybody know its one of the best way to sleep, depend the people but its my way. at least 30 to 45 min of reading then good night everyone.

Goodnight and be good😁


Вещи, что вы должны избегать перед сном

Сон очень важен, чтобы иметь хорошее здоровье, быть сосредоточенным и преуспевать в своей жизни.

Чтобы хорошо выспаться, вам следует избегать всего лишь нескольких вещей, показывать экран не менее чем за 30 минут до того, как вы ложитесь спать, или даже час, избегайте любой захватывающей жидкости, такой как кофе, энергетических напитков или даже витаминов С, таких как апельсиновый сок. Также лучше не есть свой ужин слишком поздно, чтобы успеть переварить, и стараться избегать слишком тяжелого обеда, лучше есть тяжелый обед, чем тяжелый ужин. Хорошая книга перед сном, все знают, что это один из лучших способов спать, зависит от людей, но это от меня. по крайней мере, от 30 до 45 минут чтения, а затем всем спокойной ночи.


Choses que vous devriez éviter avant de dormir

Dormir est une chose très importante pour être en bonne santé, rester concentré et réussir dans la vie.

Pour bien dormir, vous devez éviter peu de choses, tout écran au moins 30 minutes avant d’aller au lit ou même une heure, tout liquide excitant, comme le café, les boissons énergisantes ou même les vitamines C, comme le jus d’orange. Il est également préférable de ne pas manger trop tard pour avoir le temps de digérer et d’éviter un dîner trop copieux. Mieux vaut manger un déjeuner copieux qu’un dîner copieux. Un bon livre avant l’heure du coucher, tout le monde sait que c’est l’un des meilleurs moyens de dormir, cela dépend des gens, mais c’est mon chemin. au moins 30 à 45 min de lecture puis bonne nuit à tous.



30 thoughts on “Things, That You Should Avoid Before Sleeping

  1. That’s so true Ilona! We need to sleep properly and you have some very good tips there! I shut off my computer about an hour before bed and read also, gets me calmed down nicely for a good sleep. Works good most of the time anyway! Have a good sleep tonight!😃🌙😺😴

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  2. Yeah, I agree. You do want to stay away from the heavy foods before bed. I had some good steak tacos before I went to sleep one night with the green sauce. Man was my belly full to the max. But I went to sleep a happy man that night. 😂😂😂

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  3. SMiLes What i try to avoid before Sleeping is Working at all Costs
    then i get to sleep whenever i feel like it hehe.. as far as what
    is Good or Bad that’s a rather Moral Relativistic Reality
    as oh my Gosh Humans for Bonding Purposes
    may Go To Church and then Vote
    for ‘A Father of All Lies’
    literally 10,000 in
    837 Days and
    Call Him
    A God send too..
    People Make up what they
    Feel is Good or Bad as they go
    all bets are off for rationality as
    NeuroScience Shows Human Emotions
    Rule all our Rational Decisions as History
    Continues to ELaBoRaTE So Much in Day to
    Day Life still.. additionally Neuroscience Shows
    We Basically Hallucinate our Realities as we go based
    on what we Hallucinated before.. hehe.. then we make up
    reasons for what feels good or bad in the past as far as Pain
    And Pleasure Both Sensory and Emotional too.. as there really
    is not much difference in the
    Pain until all is numb
    and nothing
    is left at
    all Just Yuck
    Yuck Yuck and
    Then of Course there
    is the reality of Good and Evil
    yes some folks are born without the
    Ability to Feel the Social Bonding Neurohormone
    Oxytocin and additionally Feel no Remorse for Harming
    others in this way it’s also a bit hard to judge them too harshly
    as if we were in their shoes not having a Conscience it is a Hard Hard
    Road to Drive particularly when a Human Being cannot Feel Love
    not even the Pet of a Cat and perhaps all they feel pleasure for
    is the stimulus they get by Harming others by playing Head
    Games with them.. yes.. Heart Games too.. that don’t
    feel so good too.. hmm.. the Best Good is when
    We do our Best not to harm others and
    the reality of Evil is there are some
    folks actually born a way
    where their
    in Life is the
    Little Jolt of Stimulus
    they get from Harming or
    Manipulating others but again
    in the rare case for about 1 percent
    of the Population who are born that
    way they have zero reference Point for how
    Love even Feels the Soft Pet of a Cat or Dog
    Actually Realistically Speaking some folks are born
    in Hell this way and they spend their life trying to take folks
    Smiles Due Caution
    is required for those folks
    while they may lack spirit of
    Heart the Intellect to Manipulate
    may be stellar intelligence to bring other folks down..
    With yes.. Head games Head games i believe ‘Foreigner’ has a song for that.. that i will play here hehe.. not good to listen to it before you
    to go
    to sleep hehe..
    Anyway been at the
    Beach all day Dancing
    putting together another
    Mammoth Blog Post just
    coming by here for a short break..:)

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