Technology Good or Bad thing and Why?(collaboration)

Today i have a chance to meet very interesting and intelligent person on my blog, who agreed to make a collaboration post with difficult me😁  please check Shubham blog !!!

Lets start with bad news, so we will be able to finish with a happy note!!!😁

Technology can be negative in our life. It depend how we use it, but sometime it become out of control without limit. When kids or even adult spend all their time stucked into their tablet or smartphone there is no interaction between them, no real talk and i think it is bad education and i blame parents who dont take care enough of their children, because they are stocked in to their own screens as well.

Kids used to go out and play together with real game or sport, but now they just stucked at home and they dont see what is happening around. Time goes very fast on internet or on video game. I am used to play a lot and also in the games i bought some extra lives and some clothes, i prefer to dont mention the amount what it was, because you will be shocked, i’m shocked now when i think about the past, but at the moment all my friends was playing it and doing the same thing, it was normal for us, now i think differently. So technology may cost you some money sometimes, but it shouldn’t.

We have to keep control, to regulate the time we spent online. There is a beautiful world outside of it and we should take our time to enjoy it. I think we all notice, that there is more glasses shops those days and this is probably, due to the fact than people eyes condition are getting worst due to all those screens around us. It is important to limit the screen time for this reason. There is wifi everywhere and radio activity. It can be very dangerous with time especially for the kids. Its difficult for now to know exactly, but with time we may discover some bad news. In fact everything is much easier. The technology takes our life and lives our life  instead of us. 

Ways Technology Changed Life for the Better:

Changes in Communication: Keeping in touch with family and friends can be child’s play in this modern era. Before the wire telephone, the only way to keep in touch was either visiting or sending a letter, which might take up to three months to be delivered. With the press of a few buttons, you can speak to anybody, anywhere at any time of the day.

Changes in Business, Trade, and Industry: Doing business has become so much faster, even when the seller and buyer sit on opposite ends of the world, and their transactions are finalised, electronically, within moments. More products and services are available to clients. Calculations are much more accurate today than before and this minimizes the possibility of errors.

Changes in Education: Technology changed the outlook of education in lots of ways. Where books will always take an important place in education, almost all educational and learning resources can also be found online. Studies found that students that have access to technology did better at school. Research for projects and other studies is also easy to access.

Changes in Medicine: The skills and dedication of medical professionals, paired with the newest, latest technology can only mean better to the very best in treatment. Advanced research and modern technology also make it a lot easier to diagnose and treat illnesses. Even illnesses like cancer and heart disease.

Changes in Family Ways: Technology brings families closer even when they live far apart. Technology can never take the place of real kisses and hugs, but it can enable loved ones to see each other and speak to each other, even when they live on different continents. Family can stay connected, give support and share love even when separated by thousands of miles.

Assist people with disabilities: People with physical disabilities can enjoy working like ordinary people only because of technology. Their level of communication is improved with the help of technology itself. Speech producing devices help various people with speech impairments to make use of technology for their assistance. Similarly, hearing and visually impaired people also get benefit from the advancement of technology. People can also crack exams easily using tips and tutorials at crush the infosec exams.





66 thoughts on “Technology Good or Bad thing and Why?(collaboration)

  1. I would add one more negative – technology removes us from nature. I wonder how many kids brought up on video games and/or computers would know how to till the Earth, and grow their own food? God help us if the power goes out! I think that you hit all of the other negative and positive points, though. Nice collaboration!

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  2. Every innovation has its own positive and negative impact. I personally welcome the age of technology as it eases our lives. But, if we become too dependent on (and worse, become slaves to) it, then the problem sets in. It’s up to us how to use and manage it. We should be the master over technology and not slaves to it.
    The Catalyst

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  3. We should keep in mind that change is the law of life, what seemed to be fun 20 years ago might be boring to today’s generation, but that doesn’t mean what we used to do is the right thing. We used to spend hours reading comics and playing outside which I might also say is dangerous since you have more chance to run into an accident outside. Everything is dangerous when it becomes excessive, whether it was technology or not. Playing football outside with your friends all day is a bad thing, staying in the sun all day isn’t healthy, and so on. So your argument applies to everything not just technology.
    I always used to wonder how today’s kids loved the fidget spinners, while I found it very boring. But then come to think of it again, I am pretty sure my parents used to see my gameboy as lame when I used to play it. So let’s not forget that we grow up, and as we do, our preferences change. So let kids do what kids do, and not force them to do what we used to do, because again, change is the law of life and we shouldn’t stop it. But of course, let’s keep a look out for today’s kids and make sure they don’t get addicted to technology.

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  4. Great collaboration… U both had did a great work .. Keep it up… I m also intrested to work with u ilona but , it will happen if it is in my fortune….😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

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  5. Yes, technology has its strengths and weaknesses, its positives and its negatives. Without technology we would not be able to communicate like we do now with people all over the world right in the comfort of our own homes. We would not be able to share thoughts, ideas, experiences, photos, and beliefs with so many people in so many different places all at once. But, with everything, there can be negatives and positives depending on how the technology is used, either for good or for evil. So, it takes much self discipline, maturity, wisdom and discernment to use technology in ways which are wise, beneficial, helpful and nurturing of others, rather than in ways which are destructive and which cause actual harm to others.

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  6. You did a great job here for sure! There is definitely the positive and negative side of the issue which would take a long time to discuss but great points made on both sides. One big problem is getting addicted to technology which is what is happening big time so that people would rather sit in front of a screen than to have real contact with people. Great post!😃

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  7. my kind of posts 🙂 Technology is designed to make our life better. The key for everything is balance. Let’s use technology for our own development and progress, but we need to remember that technology is not a replacement to any human touch and interaction. If we have our love ones beside, let’s talk to them and drop the phone. 🙂

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  8. Dear Ilona,

    As the coin has two sides so has the technology – we have to ask ourselves, why we find disadvantages beside advantages – why people invent things to harm people (especially on the military field) – the root lies in ourselves as we also bear these two sides in us: good and bad ones. As we are controlled by our mind, it drags us here and there, we follow the changing colour of our mind sometimes even from minute to minute: adopt the colour of being angry, fury, shameful, happy, sad, hateful and the whole spectrum of all colours of our mind. Fear may be one part why we develop mass destructive weapons, however, our technology may have advanced in many fields, but we ourselves have neglected one part in us to be mature and handle the technology accordingly: spirituality – which is still not developed deeply enough in us – if man would be developed spiritually: he would understand that we are all brother and sisters living in the same boat (same planet, living under the same sun, breathing the same air) which runs into danger to sink… Dr. Harbhajan Singh said on the Vienna Human Rights Conference that we cannot solve our problems politically, let alone technically, only spiritually and that means: “Man know thyself” or as the old wise Greek philosopher Chilon von Sparta used to say: “Gnothi seauton” – thereby is the strange thing that we all think we know ourselves, but we cannot even control our own thoughts and too often have a fast tongue. If we would be really developed in this field, no weapons would no longer be needed, ego and mind would dissolve in the service to man, helping each other and our technology would really be a helping tool for all of us without abusing it…

    Thanks for sharing dear, Ilona and dear Shubham – a great collaboration of you both 🙂

    All the best

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