About Freedom

Freedom, i was thinking how free we are today and i remembered those words, from somewhere, that we are free, as long as our freedom are not limiting other people freedom.

However, it is a pleasure to come back where you are waiting or at least with a smile. We live in a world where the mundane routines can turn into slavery. The young person needs most freedom. He is interested in everything, he wants to experience a diverse and unexpected adventure.

I have no idea of ​​life without freedom. Although I don’t have it as much as I want. Like those who have too much, they lose their common sense and have fallen to the bottom of life. The freedom is a necessity for a human being, only to be used wisely in life.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О свободе

Свобода, я думала о том, насколько мы свободны сегодня, и я вспомнил откуда-то эти слова, что мы свободны, пока наша свобода не ограничивает свободу других людей.

Однако приятно возвращаться туда, где вы ждете, или, по крайней мере, с улыбкой. Мы живем в мире, где мирские рутины могут превратиться в рабство. Молодому человеку нужна большая свобода. Он интересуется всем, он хочет испытать разнообразное и неожиданное приключение.

Я понятия не имею о жизни без свободы. Хотя у меня не так много, как я хочу. Как и те, у кого слишком много Алисы, они теряют здравый смысл и пали на дно жизни. Вывод заключается в том, что свобода является необходимостью для человека, только чтобы ее разумно использовать в жизни.

(илона пулианаускайте)

Sujet a propos de la liberté

Liberté, je pensais à quel point nous sommes libres aujourd’hui et je me suis souvenu de ces mots, quelque part, selon lesquels nous sommes libres, tant que notre liberté ne limite pas la liberté des autres.

Cependant, c’est un plaisir de revenir où vous attendez ou au moins avec un sourire. Nous vivons dans un monde où les routines banales peuvent se transformer en esclavage. Le jeune a besoin de plus de liberté. Il s’intéresse à tout, il veut vivre une aventure diversifiée et inattendue.

Je n’ai aucune idée de la vie sans liberté. Bien que je ne l’aie pas autant que je veux. Comme ceux qui ont trop d’alice, ils perdent leur sens commun et sont tombés au fond de la vie. La conclusion est que la liberté est une nécessité pour un être humain, mais qu’elle doit être utilisée à bon escient dans la vie.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


11 thoughts on “About Freedom

  1. Freedom has as many Definitions as there are Sub-Atomic
    Particles that Move their own way ha! some may appear
    at two locations at once if they ‘feel’ like it..
    Of course some folks enjoy
    being in Prison
    Just another
    Day in the Life
    of a ‘Sub-atomic Particle’
    in metaphor of course.. hmm..
    for some folks Freedom means all the
    Money they ‘Want’ and then Lottery Ticket
    Winners find themselves more stressed out
    for the responsibilities buying stuff brings..
    hehe.. Life may be filled within with Holy
    Sacred Meaning and Purpose still a very
    small definition of Freedom by me as
    we become free to express all of
    ourselves however we wish
    yes as long as we don’t
    harm others the
    best we can
    and will by not
    taking their own special
    Flavor of Freedoms away one thing for sure
    is we are Human Nature and we are Part of Nature ALL (god)
    Nature brings innate instinct and intuition that is what
    the other Wild Animals Enjoy for success in life they feel
    and sense their way in life and don’t get lost in Abstract
    Concepts and Cultures that we co-create that may range
    from a Heaven to a Hell on Earth that Folks ‘willingly’
    Become a part of for they have lost the common sense
    of their innate instinct and intuition to live a fulfilling
    Life from Within that makes them feel like they have
    wild and free loving wings.. hmm.. What is life without
    Love and Beauty With the Truths we come to seek and find
    on our own for what fills us and feels us up within inside above
    so below yes outside and all around.. smiles we are also Social Animals
    who become Wise more and less to the truths within and bonded and
    chained less and more for the oxytocin comfort that humans gain by
    singing off the Same Sheet Music of Freedom that may indeed become
    Prison as that is the negative aspect of Empathy the Creature Comfort
    of Habit
    that takes
    the Unique
    Potential of our
    Humanity to excel
    in expressing all of who we
    may come to be to give and share
    more to others to lift them up smiles
    my Friend i could write a 6.9 Million Word
    Long Verse Bible Poem speaking to the topic
    of a ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’ about my own Personal
    Freedom how i continue to seek and find Beauty
    and Wisdom and Truth of Love and Love of Truth..
    but you see i am a Young Soul for i realize i know nothing
    in comparison to what is still to be learned might as well relax
    and Flow for i will not know and feel and sense everything i am only
    A child Soul now who is free to feel and sense more ranging from Hell to
    Heaven even more.. there is forever now to continue the Youth of Love
    staying Young
    a Vision Quest
    for me at least that’s
    Freedom in ‘Bootcamp’
    with a Dance and Song
    of Love For Beauty’s Truth in Wisdom to Love..
    One Thing for sure that i seek and find in Life is
    Youth is a State of Being that is Soul Free of time
    and place and distance and space in Flow a common theme
    across all Cultures with so many complicated Lessons to get
    to Heaven now when all it is is dampening the Prison of the
    Neo-Cortex of Past and Future for the Present Gift of Lighting
    up the rest of the brain in balance of Reptile Brain of survival
    and Limbic System of Heart with Memory left fully intact and
    Subconscious Mind coming out to play in terms of synchronicities
    that catch Fire as the Much larger ‘Mind of God’ connects with us
    too in Relative Free Will Guiding us with Signs that take us to Greater
    Adventures Higher and Higher Hence that Album Cover of from ‘Journey’
    in ‘Only the Young’ Carl Jung’s Sacred Scarab Beatle of Synchronicity
    Set Fire
    to Fly even higher
    smiles my Friend i’ve
    been Close to a Hundred
    Years of Age at 21 and basically 0 now…
    so Happy that i know nothing just means i Freely
    escape the prison of my Neo-Cortex with Relative Free Will..
    more specifically all 11,077 Miles of Free Verse Dancing and
    sure 12 Million Words Written online in increasing Flow out
    of Neo-Cortex Mind since Thanks Giving of 2010.. in Bio-Feedback every step ever word closer to Zero Age now.. Eternally Seeking and Finding Within
    sure to
    and share too FREE
    hehe.. for those folks
    who don’t mind a TSuNaMi of
    Word Songs And Dance Steps FREE just to be me..;)

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  2. I love that I can move around and say what I want but I also know that I don’t have complete freedom to do what I want and say what I want. If I did, others would be hurt. So I stick to my freedom line and never crosses it. Prison should be the worst place to spend a day and result of taking freedom for granted can be devastating

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