About Debt

I think we should always avoid for debt. As possible, expect for an important purchase or investment as a house or a flat because of course not many people can fully paid a house in ones. But for material purchase or even a car always avoid it. I m lucky to live in France where its free to study because i think its not normal to have to pay enormous amount like in America to have the right to learn. This system is wrong and should change.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О долге

Я думаю, что мы всегда должны избегать долгов. По возможности, рассчитывайте на важную покупку или инвестиции в качестве дома или квартиры, потому что, конечно, не многие люди могут полностью заплатить за дом. Но для покупки материала или даже автомобиля всегда избегайте этого. Мне повезло, что я живу во Франции, где можно бесплатно учиться, потому что я думаю, что не нормально платить огромную сумму, как в Америке, чтобы иметь право учиться. Эта система неверна и должна измениться.

(илона пулианаускайте)

À propos de la dette

Je pense que nous devrions toujours éviter les dettes. Dans la mesure du possible, attendez-vous à un achat ou à un investissement important en tant que maison ou appartement, car bien sûr, peu de gens peuvent pleinement payer une maison. Mais pour un achat matériel ou même une voiture, évitez-le toujours. Je suis chanceux de vivre en France où il est libre d’étudier parce que j’estime que ce n’est pas normal de payer des sommes énormes, comme en Amérique pour avoir le droit d’apprendre. Ce système est faux et devrait changer.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


48 thoughts on “About Debt

  1. Debt is part of life style may it be a small credit card or hand loans or what ever form of borrowing. Being debt free is always like feel at heaven…. How many have such privillage is a point to search. Good post and than you for visit my web page and appreciate likes. Cheers. 🌷 ✨ 🌷

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  2. Yes, I agree we should avoid debt wherever possible! I never went into debt for a car, poor investment, a house is different. But people go into debt for anything these days just because they have a credit card. They just don’t think of what they are doing and all the interest they pay on that card. Credit is made just too easy for people now and it puts them so far in debt that they can’t get out. Yes, education costs here are terrible, it can take a long time to deal with all that debt even with a good job. People just don’t even think about it usually and personal debt in this country is terrible. I better stop, hope your morning is a good one!😃🌞😺

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    1. I don’t actually use a credit card which might sound bad but I don’t like getting billed at the end of each month. Also, I don’t purchase things online. No subscriptions, no fancy meals delivered to my doorstep, no bells and whistles. I also stopped buying processed food because healthy food is cheaper to buy in bulk and cook from scratch!

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  3. Please, Ilona, if you live in Paris,

    I’m i need for some chocolate, FROM ANGELINA, dear. Angelina is located somewhere around the Louvre. And i’ll send you a check, dear. I don’t like debt.

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      1. hahahahaha… i want to pay. Thank you for your wonderful gesture, though, and your thoughts. I know Nice is wonderful. But, i can’t cheat on Angelina, dear.

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  4. It’s true that word can destroy lives.. Debt .. just one i’m going to bring up is to improve your life and to better it with your career.. what we call Tafe would be equivalent to a college id say.. to do a part time course on line is around $1,500 to $4,000.00 and that could be on average of a eighteen month course.. Full time from around four thousand dollars to seven thousand 6 to 12 month course. Now University in Australia most of them start around 15,000 to 45,000 a year depends what course your doing… Now our government and Uni’s got together and worked out what they call a Hex Program were they pay for your course 1 to 5 years depends what course your doing.. and lucky you pay it back as you get your first full time position through the course you just completed.. so you could be around any thing from 35,000 to 120,000 in Debt mmm sorry i for got the slight interest fee that is attached to your career.. the government can not work out the alarming rate of people going to Tafe instead of Uni but to the credit to the government in helping kids get ahead in life they put the fees up at tafe.. Lol

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  5. University fees are ridiculous and I don’t agree with the system either. I have been fortunate enough to have gotten a degree and am still in school for a second degree. I have time now to figure out what to do with my future since I cannot go back to school until next January. Luckily I have not taken out any loans and I am not living in debt. We are not rich but we are very mindful about our spending. I noticed that mindful people seem to be in less debt, but this is only a theory since I don’t know if this observation is actually true.

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  6. Hey ilona you are great .. An inspiration ..
    I have recently stepped up in this field of blogging i need your help plz give me some tips to increase more traffic on my posts also plz help me plz…😊😊😊😊

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  7. Smiles we Live in a World Where often
    Homes become God and Cars
    become Lovers
    Never comes
    Eternally Within now
    This way as obviously when
    we get attached to what is out
    side of us we lose the ability to
    Generate Happiness within hmm..
    true.. a Person who is feeled yes full
    of Emotional Pleasant Colors Within
    Doesn’t have a Place to Fill up With a Buggy
    Full of Walmart Stuff and sure A Two Car Garage
    Always filled up to the Max with the Next Garage Sell
    or Trip to the Flea Market to sell what never filled up a Soul
    Empty Within.. yes this is a real Head game too and the End
    Game that always Begins is a Heart Filled with Giving and Sharing
    Stuff is not
    even for the
    Birds The Green
    Where i Live should
    only be to Literally burn
    but as they say when in Rome
    Adapt or Perish but when Money
    Needs or gone be free.. We Live in a
    Debtor Nation for the Creditor of Love
    Has Gone on Vacation and no where to be found for
    so many folks Lost in the Head Games of Money and Stuff is God..
    is Better
    Love Dances
    And Sings Love
    Gives and Shares
    Love Moves Connects
    And Co-Creates more Love Lives when Real as Us..
    no Debts just give and share more and more and more with SMiLes..:)

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  8. Hahahahahahs. You just reminded me of something years back. No, there is nothing like living without debt. You sleep like a child you fly like a bird freely. You are totally right. Since then after the experience, I learned to cut my coat according to my size.
    Good morning from Italy

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  9. Dear Ilona

    Debts regarding material things are one thing, but what when we have outstanding debts to people because of our behaviour, of our thoughts, words, and deeds? Loans we may pay back under normal circumstances, but what if we have bad thoughts about someone, because of prejudices or other reasons, or have said the wrong word at a wrong time (some words and talks can be so serious that they have a life-long impact on people, which we hardly are able to undo them, let alone deeds. Sometimes we are not even aware when hurting someone’s feelings. – all these debts require a longer time to balance them according to cause and effect, action and reaction.

    Thank you very much, dear Ilona for sharing this subject 🙂
    All good wishes

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  10. Yes indeed you are so right! People always say America is great! It is to a certain extent as I do live in the States but, goodness gracious it is a nightmare because you have to pay just to look outside LOL. I disagree with SOOOO many things here in America it sickens me 😦

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