About Collaboration

I’m looking for a partner to do collaboration, about this subject: technology is good thing or bad thing and why?

Let me know if you want to do it, by the i’m a nightmare to work with😁🤗❤️


53 thoughts on “About Collaboration

  1. Well, technology has its pros and cons:
    1. It has provided us with better food security eliminating famines that were so prevalent a couple of centuries ago.
    2. Thanks to technological developments, we have been able to combat diseases and live longer, healthier lives.
    3. Technology has improved our transportation and communication networks to an unimaginable extent.

    1. Technology has made wars much more destructive.
    2. It has caused an irreparable damage to our environment.
    3. It has enslaved our generation through gadgets and media.

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  2. Good morning Ilona! I see I’m too late for this one, that’s what I get for sleeping in! 😂That’s a great topic though and there are many pros and cons to talk about for sure as has been mentioned already. Look forward to seeing your post on it. If you need anyone else to help out I can always jump in there! Hope your day is going well!😃🌞🌴

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    1. Good morning Steve, i have many topics in my head we can do collaboration about debt if you want seems you had a lot to say about it yesterday? What do you think? Yes my day is going good so far, i will grab something to snack soon😁

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      1. Sounds good to me Ilona! I have been in debt before and it’s much better not to be in debt, there are ways to avoid and ways to get out of it. And don’t forget the coffee with that snack!😃🌞☕

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      2. Okay, it will have to wait until I get back later, I leave for Winnipeg in less than an hour. But I will write it on the way and send it to you once I am home and on my computer again. Rainy day, I always get tired driving🚗 in the rain and I’m already tired!😂 Hope I don’t fall asleep.😴 Hope you have a great day!😃

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      3. Yes, he will drive, he actually prefers to drive, he doesn’t like being a passenger, makes him nervous for some reason! It doesn’t matter who else is driving, he just gets nervous. Fine with me, I will nap a bit if I can.😂😴

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  3. slave to the machine
    lazy person
    is the key
    and one of the things
    that separates you from me
    i saw the eastern admirer of
    so choose your words
    with care
    if you dare

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  4. Hehe.. trust me when i say Collaborating
    With You Will Give You a ‘Fredache’ as my Wife
    says.. ha! of course i Collaborate with People everywhere
    i go.. always responding in Poetic Wisdom Style to everything they
    bring oh Lord
    a few folks like
    it but seriously
    some folks take
    it as a serious
    pain in their
    butt so
    i just
    dust off my
    mind/heart/spirit/soul and go to the
    Next place of Ocean online now more
    anyway in short Technology is a Tool
    the first Tool of which is words letter by
    Letter of Alphabets that Humans Co-Create to
    extend the Life of their Soul in Reaching out and staying too..
    Humans at
    Best Master
    the Tool of
    to serve the Greater
    Holy and Sacred Meaning
    and Purpose of Life for all
    at worse Humans become Slave
    to their Technology/Tools and Worst
    Humans Become their Tools and Lose
    their Humanity as the Prophecy of the
    ‘Terminator” Movie Comes Truer now anyway i’ll be Back
    after i finish my Newest Blog Post named “Day After i Saved a World Now” of course as usual my World my Friend.. as really what more Can
    Will We do to save the rest of the Species if first we don’t save our own
    to Hell on Earth
    Within true each
    of Us has a personal
    responsibility not to go
    to Hell on Earth Within and sure
    to remember light comes from dark too..
    Just so we will continue a ‘Neo-politan’ Mix of ‘Ice Cream Life’..
    anyway before i say i’ll be back with a video clip i’ll go ahead and
    answer to the Comment of the Day that it literally makes me
    sick to
    my stomach
    to say a harmful
    word to someone
    else i always do my
    best to make it up to them if i make
    that mistake as yes.. oh God Yes.. i am Human too..
    sure behind the Shades are a couple of very Human eyes..
    true though it was like i had Hell in my right eye and the
    rest of that side of my Face for 66 Months from wake to sleep
    hmm.. sort of like the
    ‘Terminator’ too..
    but i believe
    it may
    been the
    Left Side of
    His Face Alternatively…
    i guess i am perhaps ‘A Mirror Image’
    of that too.. hehe.. True i Love the Zen
    Art of Ego (Acting) too..
    anyway like
    ‘he’ says
    too i’ll
    be back
    i always say that
    and true i am tired
    of the same old Dam Phrases so i make
    new ones up just for fun and never now to get bored..;)

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