Technology Good or Bad thing and Why?(collaboration)

Today i have a chance to meet very interesting and intelligent person on my blog, who agreed to make a collaboration post with difficult me😁  please check Shubham blog !!! Lets start with bad news, so we will be able to finish with a happy note!!!😁 Technology can be negative in our life. It depend how we use it, but sometime it become out of … Continue reading Technology Good or Bad thing and Why?(collaboration)

About Freedom

Freedom, i was thinking how free we are today and i remembered those words, from somewhere, that we are free, as long as our freedom are not limiting other people freedom. However, it is a pleasure to come back where you are waiting or at least with a smile. We live in a world where the mundane routines can turn into slavery. The young person … Continue reading About Freedom

About Debt

I think we should always avoid for debt. As possible, expect for an important purchase or investment as a house or a flat because of course not many people can fully paid a house in ones. But for material purchase or even a car always avoid it. I m lucky to live in France where its free to study because i think its not normal … Continue reading About Debt