About Old Soul In Young Body

You know, sometimes i feel like i’m old soul, which is trapped in 27 years old women body, my view of life and of this world and my taste, my thinking, i feel much older and people tells me, what you look much younger, look, well maybe, but if you wouldn’t see me, just talked me, you would think the same, you would think, that i’m 60 years old.

I was listening this song today, i can feel the pain, not because, i’m having one, but is easy to connect with a song, i love this song a lot. THOSE WORDS!!!


64 thoughts on “About Old Soul In Young Body

      1. Just kidding, i’m trying to live my life meaningful and to collect memories, this morning i was listening AC/DC and remembered those crazy days with friends and i feel so huge nostalgia, feels good to remember, but at the same time i have this feeling like those times gone and feels like ouch, why it is has to be this way?

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  1. Good morning Ilona! I am just the opposite, I feel young inside instead! Time does fly, collect those memories and truly live your life meaningfully so those memories are good ones to remember. Then you won’t mind looking back on them. You definitely have a lot of wisdom for someone that is 27 and that’s a good thing, keep it up. Hope your day is going well!๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐ŸŒž๐Ÿ˜บ

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      1. Thanks for the pictures Ilona! Wow, 8 hours, can’t remember the last time I slept that much in one night. I usually get 6 hours. My day really just started, got my first cup of coffee, Muffin is eating breakfast. I sent a list this morning. The snow we had yesterday is mostly melted. Things are going well for sure! Did you have coffee yet?๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜บโ˜•

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      2. I have coffee alright, need that first thing! It isn’t getting warmer here, actually it’s colder than a week ago, shouldn’t be this way though, it’s very odd to have it so cold, supposed to be a cool summer this year too. Terrible thought. 13pm, that’s early, only an hour from now. Is it nice there today?๐ŸŒž

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      3. Coffee is the best way to start a day! And all day when it’s still cold like this.โ˜• I really don’t listen to music much. I will if someone suggests a song,๐Ÿ˜ but otherwise I really don’t. Most music brings back memories that I would rather not remember.๐Ÿค”


      4. Yes, that’s true, there are times when it’s good to remember and some songs will take me back to times that are good, though it’s not any particular song, maybe it just has to do with how I am feeling on a particular day.๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜บ

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  2. Great song, with some simple truths. Loving the wrong person, or for the wrong reasons can be a hurtful experience.Time heals all wounds. Yes those wounds leave scars but they also leave wisdom, and experience. Peace be with you as you sort things out.


  3. Smiles when i was Young i felt Like an Ancient Soul and thank God a Year and a Month away from 60 i Finally Feel Timeless
    And as Far as the
    Song Love Hurts
    Itโ€™s okay to
    Feel Homesick
    When away from
    Love Temporary
    But if Love
    Hurts too
    Much it may
    Be Addiction
    To A Feeling
    As Abundance trades
    Places With High Levels
    Of Cortisol Which Means
    Perhaps A โ€˜Cool Changeโ€™
    May be in order to
    Save Peace and
    Harmony of a
    Soul i ainโ€™t buying
    The Kool Aid of Life
    Is Suffering
    Of the
    Light emit
    Sunshine from
    Within in Coldest
    Winter Nights Ageless
    Timeless Angels in

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  4. Old souls inhabiting young bodies is a nice way of saying ‘wise beyond years’ and at risk to living sets a path that bypasses all those lessons that define life and make others as they are
    So pros and Cons
    I feel that I was born with an Old Rage in a new body, so to start the corruption of my experiences early and begin my decent, which initially negative I confess but that power has allowed me to burn through false fronts, confront bullshit and make friendships based on more powerful levels… if only I didn’t have the lingering regret of been a walking flamethrower for bridges!!

    And ‘love hurts’… Bitch of a bad day in hell and never dies, no matter how much you remove the dagger/daggers love sticks in your back and run the bar steward through; before love puts that dagger/daggers with new ones back in your back…
    But no one could ever accuse me of been jaded of course!!

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  5. you are not alone in feeling the way you feel. i have met and know several women who feel this way.

    i often feel i was born later than i was. so now, not only do i have an old soul, im also an old fart. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    im one of the few men who will admit to feeling the same as you about themselves. it maybe because i am secure in who i have become.

    dont over think about who you are…embrace it!!

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