This Is How You Waste Your Life (something, that i don’t usually write) But Just Had To!!!


Oh, i feel so depressed and i don’t have mood to get out of my bed. You barely getting up to eat and to check your phone, work? What work, i’m depressed and i can’t work. Why should i even take shower or brush my hair? For who?

Here you go, if you can’t get up, at least roll of the bed and claim to your expresso machine, the coffee will wake up, take a double if you feel to sleepy.

Eating is the best thing ever, enjoy it, food always can change bad mood in to good one, have some fruits and fresh juice and maybe some huge tasty donut? Huh, feels good thought?

Cached you, not depressed enough to chill on your phone, aa?😁 Come on at least a little job on the side, you can enjoy the earnings when you not depressed anymore😉

Why you should take a shower? Because your cat was avoiding since weeks for a reason😁 Brush your hair, because maybe the prince on the white horse, will come this afternoon under your balcony and you won’t have time to get ready😁

For who? For you, if you don’t like doing it for yourself do it for the future you, for the stronger you and for the better you!!!

(ilona pulianauskaite)


63 thoughts on “This Is How You Waste Your Life (something, that i don’t usually write) But Just Had To!!!

  1. The truth when you are not looking for a reason is when you will find one. Take a day off from your current life and go on an adventure to find the life you seek. Don’t think about it, just do it. Cheers 🙂

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  2. Good points to consider for sure! If we are always trying to impress others we will most likely be depressed or discouraged all the time and eventually get to the place you describe. Concentrate on doing what’s right for now, look after yourself and things will look much better and feel better too! Good one Ilona! Have a great day!😃🌞😺🌴Great to see your beautiful smile again this morning!

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  3. It can be not only tricky but also dangerous when one thinks “Eating is the best thing ever, enjoy it, food always can change bad mood in to good”. When depression tackles you one is better to go for walks in green areas en to let the mind come to rest by beautiful surroundings.
    Also try to see the good things which surround you and which you were able to have in the past but also notice how many people are worse off than you.

    I wish you many hiking hours in lots of green and many moments to reflect on the good things of life where you can and should have your place. Do not let others pull you down, you are worth more than you think.

    Head up and good luck.

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  4. When I was young, my mom would tell me to shower daily. Her logic? If I were in a terrible accident, you wouldn’t want people to see you dirty. Apparently, as long as my hair was washed, and my clothes cleaned, then the broken bones wouldn’t matter so much. 😉

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  5. This is how I feel every morning lol my depression is getting better I just think about coffee and get excited 😁 this post made my day!

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  6. OMG i Feel So Heavy When i sit
    too Long True Not Moving Will
    Naturally Get Depressing even
    Rust our
    Parts out
    too as Joints
    Get Stiff and
    Hard to Get up..
    Hmm.. i Dance Two
    Minutes and all 240LBS
    Feels Feather Light.. True Vibrations
    We Are Higher and Lower Frequencies of
    Human Energy Stars We Are Too in Synergy
    As Neurohormonal and Neurochemical
    Reactions Light us up from Head to toe..
    With this
    Going on in
    Dance and Song
    Who has ‘time’
    for anything Else but
    Lighting up Now Like a
    Christmas Tree that comes back on..
    (note: to Self Been Writing too much Time to Dance Now)
    Yeah.. Emotional Disasters are the Worst Kind of Human
    Disasters even when they work out all the Work to make
    them Work out is surely a Work-Out that Requires some
    to Stay up..
    hehe Keep Your
    Chin up Friend and
    Smile as Smiles are Contagious
    And Even Taking Selfies of Your Self
    Are Proven by Science to Elevate all Great
    Neurohormones and Neurochemicals hehe..
    All Your Feelings Know is the Feeling of a Smile
    Whose Face
    it is even ours with even more
    Smiles SMiLes Just smiles and smiles SMiLes
    sure if you like you Will Use KiLoMeTerS too but i Love SMiLes..;)

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  7. You raise an interesting question, “for who?” when depressed its like nothing is worth it. I force myself to do things out of responsibility, that’s not to say I don’t loath it at the time.
    However I find that once you start moving and doing things, that feeling will ease just enough to get through. Though that’s my experience others may see it differently.

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