The Pointless Questions Ever

  1. What will people think about Me?
  2. What if i fail?
  3. Should I?
  4. How can I?
  5. How would life be if i didn’t do that?
  6. What now?
  7. I got hurt last time so i will get hurt again?
  8. Why it is happening to me?
  9. Is it a good time to do it?
  10. Am I ready to try it again?

Do you think the pets asking themselves so many questions? I think they are clever enough to dont😂


44 thoughts on “The Pointless Questions Ever

  1. I think sometime 2 years ago (I’m 25), I discovered that it really doesn’t mattet what others think of you. Just pursuit your dreams, passion and discard the people from your life that push you down. Great posts from you lately! 😊👌🏻 Always a joy to read!

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  2. Good morning Ilona! Great thought here! We are always asking ourselves questions like that, a cat certainly won’t. Really, we shouldn’t either, such questions only drag us down and keep us from doing what we should. Live each day as it comes and forget about the what ifs and look ahead to reach our goals! Hope your day is going great!😃🌞💛😺

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  3. Is your cat a he or she? I’m confused at its expression, the tongue rolled out looks cute but eyes look a little fierce 😸 maybe I see wrongly

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  4. Smiles Humans Are Cursed With Asking
    Other Animals Are Blessed With Doing
    Hehe Even A Shoe Company Understands ‘Just Do it’..
    Too Many Questions Means Our Neo-Cortex is Working
    Overtime Dancing Singing into Flow Makes Life a River
    iNstead of
    Niagra Falls..;)

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