The Most Supportive Bloggers, Who Cares How You Feel

Guys thank you for your huge support on my post About Couple Relation ship, i have read all the comments, sadly, back to work today and I can’t answer to each of you. I want to let you know, that it meant so much to me to get so big amount of comments with your experience and advises, it help me a lot, i finally was able to talk with the person, which we are calling here the Lucky One, he said, that, yes my doubts and lack of trust hurts him, but he loves me and it worth it. It was so hard to talk with him about it, but with all your help, i finally could explain everything to him.

I could never imagine to meet this kind of people on my blog like you guys, i thought people just commenting, because they want me to get back to them, read the posts and get the comment back, but i was so wrong about it, it is much more, than that and i feel so good to have you all, we are 1400 and we are all unique i’m so happy to know you more guys, not just about your posts, but many of you i know much more and it feels wonderful. You all have nick names inside my heart, but you didn’t knew😁(i have this problem to remember1400names).

Bloggers Who Care:

1. (Go by Pink, you know, what i mean)😁

2. (lovely soul)😌

3. (my doctor)🤒

4. (positive heart)👍

5. (angels)🌈

7. (powerful soul)💥

8. (the light)⭐️

9. (thoughtful thoughts)🤔

10. (there for you) 🙏

11. (Mr.kind)🤗

12. ( Those words)☺️

13. (Be right back)😌

14. (soulmate)❤️

15. (bright)⛅️

16. (India)🙏

17. (lovely)😌

18. (moody) one day you he liked me, next day he hates, but he is always here🙏

20. (how beautiful)😌

21. ( great advice)❤️

22. (John Snow)🤗

23. (the expert) 🙏

24. (the Key)🌈

25. (mon adorable papillon)😌

26. (L. Honest)❤️

27. (wonderful NOVA)😌

28. (blessing)🤗

29. (heart)❤️

As i said is the biggest supporters from the post about Couple Relationship..


71 thoughts on “The Most Supportive Bloggers, Who Cares How You Feel

  1. Thank you, but it is not me (us) that is (are) the nice one, but you. People do care even if we are just some pixels on a monitor screen. We can hopefully connect though we are many time zones away. We may never know the impact we have on others. Thanks for letting us know.

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  2. SMiLes Science Shows Falling In Love is one of
    the Most Stressful things People do cause basically
    They are Putting All their
    Eggs in one Basket
    Trying to be
    Perfect for
    Someone and
    Expecting the
    Other Person To
    Be Perfect Enough
    For them to put all their
    Eggs in one Basket i think
    A Main Reason People Get
    Married Is Because Falling
    In Love is Just too Stressful
    Even though Beautiful too
    And A 7 Year Itch May only Be Because they
    Lose The Beauty
    But may surely
    Be jolted into
    The Reality of
    The Stress if they
    Stray too Far sorry
    i wasn’t around to give
    You Relationship advice
    Yesterday but it is True
    No Relationship will
    Work without
    Honesty and
    Trust and the Best
    Thing about being
    Married is you Will have
    Slob Days and Make
    Not Feel
    Like Your World
    May Be ugh Ending
    On the Roller Coaster
    Of Fast Romance one Alternative that works
    Is Yes Writing Fictional
    Stories about Romance
    As Long as they stay that
    Way my Friend as
    Lovers Always
    Please and the Wonderful
    Reality for me at Least
    Is my Wife is a
    Great Cook
    i don’t Have to
    Do Housework
    And i can Fart in
    Front of her and
    i don’t have to Worry
    My World might end…
    It’s True it’s important
    A World….
    oh yeah.. I’m
    Free to do as i
    Please that’s A
    REAL LOVE my
    Friend FREEDOM
    No Love Without Free
    No Free Without Love..
    Oh yeah and if a Person
    Doesn’t wanna get
    Married they
    Can always
    Still have
    The much less
    Stressful Love
    Of Friendship
    Love where you
    Can Still disgust each
    Other and not worry
    About your World ending
    More specifically Fart in
    Front of each other and
    Have Arguments
    And not Feel
    Like your
    Is crumbling
    While You Do it…
    Some Days… You
    Just want A Break
    From saving A World..;)

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  3. Never forget that there are in this world people with a real interest in others and really aware of the necessity to build up a world with democratic and ethic values.

    Also there are people who get curious when people reply on some article. As such me too came to read you wondered “Makes me think of Trump and i cant believe, that people really voted for him” giving a remark on voting and the Spanish election day.

    In this world many people can be manipulated and we have to be careful to have a democratic voting system, which there is not really in the U.S.A., where only those with enough money can run for president.

    All people in the world are unique, and they all should receive respect and should be treated equally. At the same time we should also never forget the animals and plants, they forming the bigger part in which we are allowed to live and survive, if we do not destroy it to much.

    You should know all those little voice they can mean much more, when they are willing to join hands and to show the world where we have to go to and how we all should unite to protect our surroundings and environment, sharing with each-other brotherly love and showing to the world it can be possible to go for a better world where we all can live in peace.

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  4. It is difficult to have contact with so many people at the same time. The important thing for the answer is that your blog comes with a foundation and your thoughts are very valuable. The successful blog is known for the responsiveness of the reader and your blog is one of them. Congratulations.

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  5. Aww this made my day! It means a lot that you call me your dr. even though I am not a licensed one. I did however, study nutrition and psychology so maybe that’s where it comes from. 👩‍💻💕

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  6. I am not sure what happened, but I am sure you are an amazing person. As a human being, we all want others to care for us. That is just how we are as a species. But at the end of the day, it is good to care for each other because what better way is there to show our appreciation for people than caring? We would want other people to do the same for us, so we do for them.

    I hope you are okay and better now that you were able to get whatever it was off your chest. It’s always good to talk. 🙂

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  7. I like the internet. Allow people to connect, who can’t. The world is large and we can communicate with each other. Us, who love to read and write. Need places where we can communicate and share. My memory is terrible. The Army gave me 11 antraxs shoot. I am trying to keep the mind working.

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  8. First off, thank you for liking my blog post. It’s the fifteenth chapter of Poirot fan fiction project (Now and Forever). I hope to be finished with it by the end of May. Sooner, even!

    As a blogger, I’m just about obsessed with the issue of the betrayal of a character by his author. Readers have the right to assume that the author they’re reading is on the side of their characters. Its an assumption. So, when the author turns against her character with utter malice, the reader has the right to a bit of vindictive payback.

    Agatha Christie remodeled Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes; keeping many of Holmes’ personality facets, as well as the novel series’ character outline. Wanting to compete or be compared with her favorite author, it was something of an irony to have Holmes compared with….Holmes, albeit a Belgian version.

    My theory is, when christie got over her infatuation with Doyle, she passed her disdain onto Poirot. Like a woman who sleeps with a man she’s infatuated with, gets over the ‘crush’ but finds herself ‘stuck’ with the kid, conceived out of that relationship. My pre-eminent theory has to do with christie’s EGO driven ambition. Whatever reason, poor Poirot would suffer from a s literary knife to the back.

    “Why oh WHY did I EVER create that DETESTABLE , bombastic creature?” The word DETESTABLE means ‘Deserving of Intense dislike/ HATE. So? What DID Hercule Poirot Do to be tagged with such a malicious label? I’m STILL trying to figure that out.

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      1. Thank you. I appreciate having you as one of my wonderful internet friends, in my country, the USA, and international. May I ask the name of your nation? If that is not good to answer, I understand.

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      2. That is wonderful. You have an interesting family heritage. I have great respect for all nations that are a part of your past. Please have good evening. 11:47 AM here on the east coast of the USA.

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