More Positivity

Often, we remember beautiful moments from childhood, because they full of joyful life events. When we are kids we dont think about future, we are focusing on the moment, even if something goes wrong for a child, when he rides a bicycle he drops off and scratches the roads, still rises and tries again because he does not think he is unsuccessful. All we need is just to develop our skills.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Больше позитивности

Часто мы помним прекрасные моменты из детства, потому что они полны радостных жизненных событий. Когда мы дети, мы не думаем о будущем, мы концентрируемся на моменте, даже если что-то идет не так у ребенка, когда он едет на велосипеде, он падает и царапает дороги, все еще встает и пытается снова, потому что он не думает, что он неудачно Все, что нам нужно, это просто развивать наши навыки.

(илона пулианаускайте)

Plus de positivité

Souvent, nous nous souvenons de beaux moments de notre enfance, parce qu’ils sont remplis d’événements joyeux. Quand nous sommes enfants, nous ne pensons pas au futur, nous nous concentrons sur le moment, même si quelque chose ne va pas pour un enfant, quand il fait du vélo, il laisse tomber et gratte les routes, monte encore et essaye parce qu’il ne pense pas qu’il est infructueuse. Tout ce dont nous avons besoin est simplement de développer nos compétences.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


48 thoughts on “More Positivity

  1. That is a good thought Ilona! We are usually too caught up with worrying about the future and regrets about the past that we can’t live a productive life here and now. Although we need goals and plans for the future we need to remember to live now which will give us what we need to handle the future. And if we fall down, we should get right back up and try again, get back on the bicycle! 😃🌞

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      1. You really are still flying! That’s good! A lot of great posts today. Yes, I was wondering when you would continue with your collection. I like your next post about cats too, very good indeed!😃🌞😺

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      2. Yes, I noticed it was an old post, but it’s good. Cats are actually the most popular pet in N. America. And they have amazing ways of communication with people. Haven’t had much time to think of any ideas, have been too busy reading other posts!😂😹

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      3. I don’t know, you could probably have enough energy and thoughts to do mine as well!😂 I probably won’t write it until this afternoon, I was going to do it this morning, I was up early enough but I got too busy reading. A good and a bad thing sometimes.😂😹😁

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      4. Hi Ilona! I can never go faster than you! Every time I go read other blogs you have always been there ahead of me! Of course, you do get a head start, so how can I go faster? Would have to stay up all night!😂🌙💛😹

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      5. I’m finally back home from my meeting. Wow, talk about a lot of negativity! I’m just completely drained after that. No matter how much positive I put in, it was drowned by the negative. I need something to pick me up now!🤔🙁😕

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      6. It’s 8.25am here right now so my day is just starting really. Have to go out in about an hour, need to meet with a couple people about this financial plan and one other thing so I hope all goes well with that. Might be a little hard, but hopefully not. Then I can enjoy the rest of the day!😃🌞💛😺

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  2. Good morning Ilona! Okay, you’re probably not awake yet, but when you do! Still love this post, you are great at these positive posts and it’s encouraging to see, especially since so many people want to be negative these days. Hope your day starts off great, have to say it now, by the time I’m back on it’s already noon your time! One day at a time while still looking ahead!😃🌞💛🌴

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