Saturdays Motivation From My Vision

Motivation is something very powerful than we should all get or searching for this feeling. It permit us to do things, which we usually can’t. Gives us extra strange, braver and hard work. It is the key to the success. So try to always motivate yourself, to be surround by people who motivates you and dont met anyone stop you.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Мотивация субботы от моего видения

Мотивация – это нечто очень мощное, чем мы все должны получить или искать это чувство. Это позволяет нам делать вещи, которые мы обычно не можем. Дает нам дополнительную странную, смелую и тяжелую работу. Это ключ к успеху. Поэтому старайтесь всегда мотивировать себя, быть окруженным людьми, которые мотивируют вас и не встречали никого, кто вас останавливал.

(илона пулианаускайте)

Samedi Motivation De Ma Vision

La motivation est quelque chose de très puissant que nous devrions tous obtenir ou rechercher pour ce sentiment. Cela nous permet de faire des choses, ce que nous ne pouvons généralement pas. Nous donne un travail supplémentaire étrange, courageux et difficile. C’est la clé du succès. Donc, essayez de toujours vous motiver, d’être entouré de personnes qui vous motivent et ne rencontrent personne qui vous arrête.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


41 thoughts on “Saturdays Motivation From My Vision

      1. No… i am in love only with Ilona… now i will not say to her .. because she loves someone.. so i will not say to her.. and love means dose not physical only.. I am Indian. and Indians love evryone..they like. loves is not only between girl and boy it can be with sister, brother, mother, father and any one..

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      2. Илона этот товарищ меня тоже доставал. Я ему сказала что мне неинтересны мужчины. Ложь конечно но другого пути не было. Просто одинокий наверное. Пусть будет, зла ж не делает. 😊

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  1. Very good advice there Ilona! We should always have people around us that will help to motivate us and not those who will try to hold us back. Always look ahead and don’t allow things to stop us! The right motivation will give us what we need to tackle anything we need to do! Great thoughts!😀🌞💛😸


      1. In that Birthday post I also have added one of my music videos that I did for my son “Youzarsif” you can also check it out on YouTube if you can play it on my page. Best of luck and thank you for stopping by!

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  2. My Goodness for those Who Seek And Find
    Motivation in Yes Beauty Wisdom and Truth
    Muse is almost Everywhere We Look these Days again
    for those Who See.. hehe.. We Truly are Fortunate
    to Live in A Big Ocean Like this where the Muse
    of Life to Evolve in Both Arts and Sciences
    is Greater than ever Before
    the only Danger
    is getting
    Spaces Adventure
    only Waits Outside
    The Window of Today Tomorrow..
    Now Congratulations to You Too in Falling
    in Love A Beautiful Place that is Temporal
    of Course for the Depth of the Experience Yet
    Still Part of the
    Journey So
    Beautiful to Be.. Now
    May the Love You Find
    Always be a Lift to the
    Creativity of Your Wings
    my Young
    Keep Flying even Higher
    As Art Colors Life even more..:)

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