About Empty Promises

There is 2 type of people, the one for who the word promise mean a lot and will fight for it and the one who don’t. To keep his promise is something primordial in life a believe. I will never do a promise for something i m not 100 % sure i will be able to do. On the other side you have some people promising and promising without a blink or any pressure to keep their word or no, this is disappointing because you can’t trust a person who don’t keep his promise. And without trust life is difficult.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О пустых обещаниях

Существует 2 типа людей: тот, для кого слово обещание много значит и будет бороться за него, и тот, кто этого не делает. Выполнять свое обещание – это нечто жизненное, веру. Я никогда не буду обещать что-то, я не уверен на 100%, что смогу это сделать. с другой стороны, у вас есть люди, обещающие и обещающие без моргания или какого-либо давления, чтобы сдержать свое слово или нет, это разочаровывает, потому что вы не можете доверять человеку, который не выполняет его обещание. А без доверия жизнь сложна.

(илона пулианаускайте)

À propos des promesses vides

Il y a 2 types de personnes, celle pour qui le mot promesse signifie beaucoup et qui se battra pour l’obtenir et celle qui ne le fait pas. Tenir sa promesse est quelque chose de primordial dans la vie, une croyance. Je ne ferai jamais une promesse pour quelque chose que je ne suis pas sûr à 100% de pouvoir faire. de l’autre côté, vous avez des personnes prometteuses et prometteuses sans un clin d’œil ou une pression quelconque pour tenir leur parole ou non, c’est décevant parce que vous ne pouvez pas faire confiance à une personne qui ne tient pas sa promesse. Et sans confiance, la vie est difficile.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


32 thoughts on “About Empty Promises

  1. Is there something you have made a promise for? I think a persons word is there bond. You are correct, you cannot trust someone who doesn’t keep their promises! Life is all about being able to trust another.
    Great Post!

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  2. That is so true Ilona! Keeping our promises is so very important. I never make a promise I don’t intend to keep! A person who likes to make promises and doesn’t keep them is untrustworthy. I have known many like that. Like you say, they are empty promises. I want to be a person people can trust, promises are not a light thing, they are important to keep. And it is so true, without trust, life is difficult. Without trust, love is impossible. Great thoughts you have shared here Ilona! I hope you are having a great evening!😃🌞💛😺

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      1. Hey, thanks for saying that Ilona, that means a lot and makes my day! Interesting, I have had some stress today too, going to be around for a while though I think. I guess you haven’t had time to check your email yet. Say hi to Leya from Muffin and me!😃💛😺

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  3. I think for someone to make a promise without following through makes them look good for that moment. But when they cannot commit to the task, it sure says a lot about their character! If someone is unable to keep a promise, the least they can do is say let the other person know! How hard is that, really?

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  4. Expectations Yes Next Truth and Trust
    Expectations Set the precedent for Trust When
    Expectations Set Do Come True.. ooh We Do have
    A Problem in the World Today as even at the So-Called
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    to a Fault and in some instances that is definitely my Fault….:)

    Hehe.. Ya think we can save the World on Your Blog…
    i don’t give up and there have been instances where
    That is
    All my Fault too..;)

    i’d Get A ‘Real’ Job but i’m just too Lazy……for that at least..;)

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  5. One more thought on this Ilona, always be certain of the meaning of the promise! One can promise something to you, but they may have a different idea of what they were promising than what you understand it to be.
    A promise also requires a clear line of communication.

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  6. People who promise and don’t keep their promises are everywhere. Believe me their energy and vibration is so low, they hate themselves. But we can’t change the others, we can change ourselves. The most incredible and powerful thing that should be a habit – never expect anything from others. It helps. At least you keeping your energy in great state. 😊

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  7. Japan is now very angry at its neighbors who do not keep their promises!
    For a long time, the Japanese have endured for a long time, but it has become the limit. Japanese hate people who do not keep their promises.
    Your post is always great👍

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