About Being Alone

People shouldn’t be afraid of being alone. Loneliness is a way to know yourself, to find out who you really are and what is your life mission.

When you are alone, you have time to reflect on your life, do things, change something. Can rest from the crazy rhythm of life. Loneliness is also important for creative people, some people chose to be alone, because they like it and i can understand them.

Often, when you experience it, you are not distracted by the outside thoughts of life and focus on where you need it. There are also moments when we want loneliness ourselves. We want to rest from people, communication and take time to discover our own world.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О одиночестве

Люди не должны бояться одиночества. Одиночество – это способ узнать себя, узнать, кто ты на самом деле и какова твоя жизненная миссия.

Когда ты один, у тебя есть время подумать о своей жизни, что-то сделать, что-то изменить. Можно отдохнуть от сумасшедшего ритма жизни. Одиночество также важно для творческих людей, некоторые люди решили остаться одни, потому что им это нравится, и я могу их понять.

Часто, когда вы испытываете это, вы не отвлекаетесь на внешние мысли о жизни и сосредотачиваетесь на том, где вам это нужно. Также бывают моменты, когда мы сами хотим одиночества. Мы хотим отдохнуть от людей, общения и занять время, чтобы открыть наш собственный мир.

(илона пулианаускайте)

Etre seul

Les gens ne devraient pas avoir peur d’être seuls. La solitude est un moyen de se connaître soi-même, de découvrir qui vous êtes vraiment et quelle est votre mission dans la vie.

Quand vous êtes seul, vous avez le temps de réfléchir à votre vie, de faire des choses, de changer quelque chose. Peut se reposer du rythme fou de la vie. La solitude est également importante pour les créatifs. Certaines personnes ont choisi de rester seules, car elles aiment ça et je peux les comprendre.

Souvent, lorsque vous en faites l’expérience, vous n’êtes pas distrait par les pensées extérieures de la vie et vous concentrez sur les endroits où vous en avez besoin. Il y a aussi des moments où nous voulons nous-mêmes la solitude. Nous voulons nous reposer des gens, de la communication et prendre le temps de découvrir notre propre monde.

(ilona pulianauskaikte)


36 thoughts on “About Being Alone

  1. SMiLes.. Last Night at the Dance Hall
    A Young Woman Came up to me and
    Told me i should Couples Dance with her..
    i told her i didn’t know how as i’ve never taken any
    Lessons in either Dance or Martial Arts.. she said
    i was Dancing Weird and that if i continued to do so..
    None of the Women
    Would Wanna Dance
    With me i then said
    i am approaching 30
    Years of Marriage
    And i don’t
    Give an
    F hehe
    Fred if anyone
    wants to Dance with
    me or not.. i love To Dance
    Solo i am not here to Steal a Kiss..
    i did not get to the point to tell her i was
    old enough to be Her Grand-Dad but the close
    to 30 Years of Marriage got the point across i can
    be Very Very Happy as Long as i am alone in Nature..
    A Screen and a Keyboard is just not Natural of course
    my Feelings and my Hands and my Heart yes Spirit of
    Soul is Natural Within but to connect to Nature is always
    the Way all of Animal Nature has been except for Humans
    Who Build Caves and Stay inside Rocks of Cold Walls.. as
    far as Living Nature Breathes in Synch with our Souls..
    Nature is the Beach yes Nature is the Dance Hall
    for all the Flesh and Blood there i will Dance
    Alone in my Backyard with Nature the
    Sand and Sun Allone or i will Dance
    Alone Solo also Allone with
    Hundreds of Intoxicated
    Young Folks if someone
    wants to Join by my Side
    they are always welcome but
    never ever will they dictate now
    no matter how my dance looks weird to
    them to Conform to their expected Vanilla of Life..
    Hehe.. i don’t make a lot of Friends that way but i am Honest…
    i have to be Honest and i have to Return Kindness it is the Nature
    of my Soul the Benefit of Moving past Group Think is Wisdom my Friend
    As Life
    And Does
    Not Stay Stagnant
    It is rare to ever when original
    Art Comes from Group Think Dance or Song..:)

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  2. Great post Ilona, I like your thoughts on this! Being alone should never be something to be afraid of, it is a good time to reflect, grow, think and do things. But I know too that if someone is alone too much it can actually become a burden to weigh heavily on them. We always need to have a good positive outlook whenever we have to be alone for long periods and try to look at it as a great time to move forward in our thoughts and lives. Wonderful thoughts Ilona, keep it up, and I hope you are enjoying the remainder of your day!😃🌞💛😺

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  3. I feel like I was forced into accepting being my myself since I was a young child. I am an only child (lonely child in my case) and grew up around older adults. I also grew up in an isolated area where friends lived far away so I wasn’t able to leave my house whenever I wanted. I had a weird childhood because my parents expected me to behave and act proper. If I misbehaved like any normal kid would, I got in trouble. I spent a lot of time by myself and am extremely introverted…. I think my childhood shaped that.

    Being alone is okay, but loneliness makes me feel sad because of childhood memories. Even now, if there are people around I still feel lonely quite often.

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  4. Spending time with self should never b3 considered being alone. I am enjoying not being in a relationship. I don’t miss being in a partnership that brings more drama than happiness. I am spending this time planning to make my life vision a reality. So if being alone creates the future I want then oh happy day.😇

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