About Life

We often dont think about our safety, we do things, which may be dangerous for us. Sometimes we dont think about how important our life is. Specially when we have physical pain or depression, i heard some people saying i just want to end it, because i can’t anymore, why would end the most beautiful thing what you ever had and you still have?

Many may even say that they are irrelevant to them and are not afraid to die, but it is rare to say the same thing that they have had to fight with or be close to, did you ever been between the life end death? . We usually do not understand the value of life, do what we should not, we do not protect ourselves, we are careless.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Про жизнь

Мы часто не думаем о нашей безопасности, мы делаем вещи, которые могут быть опасными для нас. Иногда мы не думаем о том, насколько важна наша жизнь. Особенно, когда у нас физическая боль или депрессия, я слышал, как некоторые люди говорили, что я просто хочу покончить с этим, потому что я больше не могу, почему бы закончить самое прекрасное, что у вас когда-либо было и есть?

Многие могут даже сказать, что они не имеют к ним отношения и не боятся умереть, но редко можно сказать то же самое, с чем им приходилось бороться или быть рядом, был ли ты когда-нибудь между смертью и смертью ? , Мы обычно не понимаем ценности жизни, делаем то, что не должны, мы не защищаем себя, мы небрежны.

(илона пулианаускайте)

A propos de la vie

Souvent, nous ne pensons pas à notre sécurité, nous faisons des choses qui peuvent être dangereuses pour nous. Parfois, nous ne pensons pas à quel point notre vie est importante. Surtout quand nous avons une douleur physique ou une dépression, j’ai entendu certaines personnes dire que je voulais juste y mettre fin, parce que je ne pouvais plus, pourquoi finirais-je avec la plus belle chose que vous ayez jamais eue et que vous avez toujours?

Beaucoup peuvent même dire qu’ils ne sont pas pertinents pour eux et qu’ils n’ont pas peur de mourir, mais il est rare de dire la même chose qu’ils ont eu à combattre ou être proche, avez-vous déjà été entre la vie fin de la mort ? . Nous ne comprenons généralement pas la valeur de la vie, faisons ce que nous ne devrions pas, nous ne nous protégeons pas nous-mêmes, nous faisons preuve de négligence.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


39 thoughts on “About Life

  1. Very good post Ilona! I often do things that are dangerous and sometimes have gotten myself in some bad situations because of it. And, like you said, I don’t usually think about my life being very important, 🤔which is why I take chances. And because it’s just me, not having an immediate family, I don’t think of things like that much. I probably should though I guess. Great thoughts Ilona! And don’t forget..😃🌞😺

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  2. When one of the people told me that she wants to end her life, I asked: “why you so unhappy? What do you expect to be happy?” She said that she is expecting happiness but doesn’t know how it feels. Well, I told her that the main problem of her depression is that she doesn’t know how to enjoy little things and love herself. Isn’t it the problem of many who wants to die? What a beautiful post Ilona. Life is so precious and so exciting! Every single moment is the opportunity to learn, to develop abilities, to create. I don’t know why people don’t want to do it. 🙄

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  3. Sometimes things are done because they weren’t aware of the danger’s that were lurking. The best thing to do is to learn from the mistakes and not do it again. People are very sorry once they learn the errors of their ways. Good Post Ilona! Very timely!

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  4. A Breath Away To Live
    A Breath Away to Die
    Learning How
    to Breathe Alive…
    It’s really Amazing the
    Range of Experiences We Will
    Come to Perceive Differently now
    in Just one Life.. How Different the
    Clouds Will Look on a Low Day How
    Angel Wings Will Appear on a High Day
    So Clear
    to See
    Distant Fog
    Clouds all the
    Happy Eyes ‘Fore..
    Yeah.. i’ve Seen Between Life
    And Death in a Physical Way
    And the Border Between Seeing
    Colors And When All Turns Grey..
    For Years and Years in Separate
    Human Dimensions Breathing
    How We Forget
    the Grey
    in the Depth
    of Colors more…
    Smiles my Friend..
    Some Days it’s Good to have
    A Reminder for those who have been
    to the Dark Night of the Soul.. Problem
    is with the Human Condition Emotions are
    Memories and Memories are Emotions it may
    Seem Like the Darkness never existed at all in the
    Light and the Vice and Versa of the other.. somedays
    it’s good
    just to
    our toes
    into the Dark
    to More Fully Enjoy the Light Again..
    A Greatest Gift is Change yet Change is Both Curse and Gift..
    Thorns and Flowers Yada Yada Yada Blah Blah Blah who cares
    when we Are
    Cares at all..
    Sympathy for those who
    have fallen and have lost hope to get back up..
    Never Give up Change will Move Back up too.. Now…
    Smiles.. i tend to be more Careful when i’m not as Happy..
    Something about Inhibitions that become a bit too removed..
    what we
    Really Should
    Care about most
    Those who Love us Most….
    Smiles my Friend such is in A Day of Bi-Polar..
    Enough to
    Be… Appreciating all
    Dimensions of Being Less and More..
    There is a Place Where Darkest Clouds
    Will Never Bring Us Down and yes the other place
    Where Sunshine Flowers
    As Rose at all..
    Just Thorns is all
    And Back Again as FLoWeR..
    i Swear to God the only thing that
    keeps me up some days is the Blessing
    of a Free Dance of Soul..
    rare those days
    are but sure
    come and
    Thanks God Do Go..
    It’s Storming Outside and i feel
    it Rather Nostalgic Rumbling Dark it is..
    Until Dance Springs Back to Breath oF LiGHT..
    As that Light Sparks Joy in Others Smiles my Friend Gifts are Free..
    Amazing iN LiGHT..:)

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