Enough Expecting Something From Someone

If you could stop expecting things from other people, your life would become much easier.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Хватит чего-то ждать от кого-то

Если бы вы перестали ожидать чего-то от других людей, ваша жизнь стала бы намного проще.

(илона пулианаускайте)

Assez attendre quelque chose de quelqu’un

Si vous pouviez arrêter d’attendre des choses d’autres personnes, votre vie deviendrait beaucoup plus facile.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


46 thoughts on “Enough Expecting Something From Someone

      1. Thanks, I did eat yesterday, was almost a normal day, first time in a while. Thanks for your inspiration this morning, I’m not really looking forward to the next few days. But there was one really good thing yesterday, will share that later.😃🌞

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  1. Hi again Ilona! I’m not quick enough on my replies it seems! Anyway, I really did enjoy your post on peace and thank you for allowing me to be here and leave all my comments. I hope your afternoon is going well! Muffin says hi too!😃🌞💛😺

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  2. “If you could stop expecting
    things from other people, your
    life would become much easier.”

    My My Ilona How Your Current Blog
    Post Currently meets Synchroncities
    in my Life for Sure now.. We Are Human We Survive
    Based on Expectations if We did not Learn now to stay
    Away from a Poisonous Snake Based on the Expectation
    they would Harm us we would potentially get bit and die..
    on the other
    Hand the
    i just captured
    in the Sweet Smelling
    Jasmine Vine Reaching up to
    then Blue Azure Skies will surely
    not harm me just to keep the Balance
    of Nature and Capture some insects before
    they get out of control on the Jasmine Vine..
    Snakes Don’t Scare me and i let the Poison ones go on
    their way.. and i appreciate their gift for the Circle/Balance of Life
    as is.. we have to have expectations otherwise we won’t survive
    We have to understand people’s
    needs and wants and reply
    in Kind if we wanna stay
    in Balance unrealistic
    Expectations is where
    we get in troubles
    and communicating
    in a way that is both
    reciprocal and validating
    in Clarification of what we
    mean is of upmost importance
    in relationships that last.. for instance
    i have a Wife.. i have Friends my wife allows
    me to be much closer to as some of those Friends
    that are females than most Wives will and that includes
    the Occasional Bootie dance at the Dance Hall not initiated by
    me but by the Young Women out to sow some very wild oats and
    as you know.. haha.. it doesn’t get much freer or wild looking at least
    than me.. but it is true.. i am a Gentleman and i never approach a
    Woman to Dance for i am Married but on the other Hand if
    A Woman does that to me Katrina doesn’t expect me to
    knock them out of the way or even hurt their feelings
    by saying get away from me.. that really hurts
    A Woman and there is not much harm she
    can do by rubbing her butt up against me..
    true though not many wives would even
    approve of their Husband going out to
    Dance but my Wife 100 Percent Trusts
    me and i do my Best to share every detail
    of that with her to keep her expectations of
    me in alignment with what i actually do in life..
    True.. not many men are that fortunate as i do love to dance
    hehe.. with or without any Bootie Dance Attacks… coming from
    the 80’s and Dancing Disco into 80’s Music then the Dance Hall
    Was all about Face to Face Dances you have no idea how shocked
    i was the First time a Young Woman Forced her self on me that way..
    anyway.. expectations both exercised and fulfilled realistically that
    are mutually approved by any two members or more in any relationship
    is very important but openness now in Reciprocating Needs And Wants
    And Requirements even if it is an Employee and Employer Relationship
    are Paramount if that Relationship Yes.. even a Job is gonna last..
    hehe.. i’ve gotten better at it as i grow older.. it’s much harder
    until you get lots and lots of practice and Smiles That’s Life…
    Experience Makes Wisdom the most.. for those of us who
    Actually Exercise the Wisdom we Learn We Move on
    And have a Much More Peaceful Life instead
    Where Self-Esteem Naturally Flourishes too..
    it is not always easy to express and
    cooperate all of our feelings to
    someone else to make all
    expectations mutual
    as possible both given.. shared
    as received and potentially given more..
    but without Honesty in the Light of Day and
    Night Honesty of Feelings Wants Needs and Desires
    out in the open that Snake in the Jasmine becomes more
    foe than friend.. and that’s how Relationships even Jobs
    fall Apart into the Distance Fading away.. i feel Love is
    important enough to reach my heart out and touch someone
    to fulfill their expectations whether they are more or less than what
    i expect and that my Friend is the Game of Love Real whether Friend
    Whether Nature and Whether Snake Foe or Friend to make Jasmine
    a Bit
    each and
    every day
    and yes night too with smiles..
    what else.. thanks for all the Nice Comments
    you have taken the effort to bring me and all
    the nice compliments you have taken the time
    to say to me before you close the Comments Section
    of Your Blog.. You are a Kind and Considerate Friend
    you let others know the parameters of your Changing
    Conditions in Your Environment where you can give less
    or more of Yourself there is no guessing with you for what
    you want or do not want from others.. smiles my Friend you
    are doing a good job and like me at my Age there is always room
    for improvement for the worst and most dangerous expectations of
    all is that we should feel perfect not willing to improve and not willing
    to forgive others when they fall of a bit from what we expect of them
    this Human Condition with the Complexity of Culture is more complicated than ever before but when we put People First
    we tend to win at the only Game of Life that truly counts
    yes.. the only Pay Grade And Pay Rate And Currency that
    is Even Real in Life Love my Friend Love is a Verb Love
    is Beauty Truth and Wisdom Come What May and
    i do believe there is a timely song about that and
    it is for my Heart to share now as you have helped
    me much in a totally different area of my Life and
    i thank you
    for that
    for i needed
    A Friend to share
    A bit of Life Experiences
    with today.. as when we share
    Truth and Beauty and Wisdom
    In Life we lift each other up through
    both Tears and Laughs the same… Thank
    You my Nice Friend Ilona Across the Ocean
    my Wife is having a bit of a Health Scare and
    i am very Worried Feels like i might lose another
    Friend i am very worried.. but come what may i will always Love..
    that my
    is one
    i will always be
    able to Master and
    Control the Love i Give..
    the Love i Give Freely without Regret..
    And that too takes Wisdom Beauty and Truth
    Always Learning
    Most importantly
    Sensing And Feeling..
    Other Than That It’s A
    Beautiful Day i Will
    Always Romance
    Nature my Friend..
    Hehe.. even
    A Snake
    In the
    Sweet Smell
    Of Jasmine i
    Do Believe We ALL
    Share That Love… hehe..
    i Took A photo oF both the
    Sweet Snake And Jasmine to EverLast my HeART NoW..:)

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