Enough Expecting Something From Someone

If you could stop expecting things from other people, your life would become much easier. (ilona pulianauskaite) Хватит чего-то ждать от кого-то Если бы вы перестали ожидать чего-то от других людей, ваша жизнь стала бы намного проще. (илона пулианаускайте) Assez attendre quelque chose de quelqu’un Si vous pouviez arrêter d’attendre des choses d’autres personnes, votre vie deviendrait beaucoup plus facile. (ilona pulianauskaite) Continue reading Enough Expecting Something From Someone

I got Some New Cool Followers

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About Life

We often dont think about our safety, we do things, which may be dangerous for us. Sometimes we dont think about how important our life is. Specially when we have physical pain or depression, i heard some people saying i just want to end it, because i can’t anymore, why would end the most beautiful thing what you ever had and you still have? Many … Continue reading About Life