About Worry

I dont believe, that there is people in this world who never had felt any worries. It is normal to worry from time to time, but i know, that some of us has this feeling all the time.

It’s not easy to live, when you have constant feelings of anxiety. Certain circumstances or people include feelings of loosing themselves and loss of control, the body is sort of constantly activated. In such a situation, it may seem that you are not the master of your life and the anxiety and distressing fears that accompany you.

But believe me, you are the master of your life and you are able to control it, take your time to learn about yourself, no one knows you better, than YOU.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О беспокойстве

Я не верю, что в этом мире есть люди, которые никогда не переживали. Время от времени можно волноваться, но я знаю, что у некоторых из нас есть такое чувство все время.

Нелегко жить, когда у тебя постоянное чувство тревоги. Определенные обстоятельства или люди включают чувство потери себя и потери контроля, тело как бы постоянно активируется. В такой ситуации может показаться, что вы не хозяин своей жизни и страха и тревожных страхов, которые вас сопровождают.

Но, поверьте мне, вы хозяин своей жизни, и вы можете контролировать ее, не торопитесь, чтобы узнать о себе, никто не знает вас лучше, чем ВЫ.

(илона пулианаускайте)

À propos de l’inquiétude

Je ne crois pas, il y a des gens dans ce monde qui n’ont jamais ressenti le moindre souci. Il est normal de s’inquiéter de temps en temps, mais je sais que certains d’entre nous ont ce sentiment tout le temps.

Ce n’est pas facile de vivre, quand on a un sentiment constant d’anxiété. Certaines circonstances ou certaines personnes comprennent le sentiment de se perdre et la perte de contrôle, le corps est en quelque sorte activé en permanence. Dans une telle situation, il peut sembler que vous n’êtes pas le maître de votre vie et des angoisses et des peurs angoissantes qui vous accompagnent.

Mais croyez-moi, vous êtes le maître de votre vie et vous pouvez la contrôler, prenez votre temps pour en apprendre davantage sur vous-même, personne ne vous connaît mieux que vous.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


39 thoughts on “About Worry

  1. Good morning Ilona! Thanks for this! A very good post and you are absolutely correct! That constant anxiety and fear which is with worry can really affect us negatively including our health. Hope your day is going great!😃🌞😺

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  2. The interior belongs to us and only we can fix it. You say it in a simple, understandable and tactful way, that it arrives and leaves us with a reflection to take it into account, even more so if it is about our inner life. You write very well and you convince.

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  3. I’ll take that, and know well the ill health of anxiety
    But as life does barrage us with assaults of ill meaning
    So does that barrage teach us how to better defend ourselves
    From all we have suffered and what else could go wrong
    So in life we can forge a paradise and make contentment grow

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  4. You Know it’s True The World Teaches A Whole Lot About Understanding the World but at least where i Live almost
    nothing about understanding ourselves.. that is left up
    to Parents And Church and Sadly More and More Just
    Electronic Devices and Google Searches if they
    go that way.. Truly 3 College Degrees all the Knowledge
    Available at my Finger Tips taught me nothing of Real substance
    about the Unique Me Within.. that was a Journey i would have to take
    alone.. smiles.. our more so-called Primitive Ancestors Named it a Vision
    Quest.. smiles.. there is a name of a Movie about that and a song i will
    include here too.. there is the Shadow part of us the part of us willing
    to fight to run away and yes to Reproduce too.. the Oldest Part
    of us inside that we either friend or the Part that may Master
    Us most in ways of anxiety from Head to toe.. yeah..
    Wrestling will surely get Us in touch with the
    fight or flight part.. and there are other
    ways to deal with the other stuff that
    are not appropriate to discuss here..
    but the main deal is getting comfortable in
    our own skin coming to understand the mind
    and body connection that our body does keep score
    from Head to toe in every cell we have for the way we view
    Life either embracing it or shivering in fear.. sure and all the
    Spectrum ‘tween that.. Smiles my Friend my Psychiatrist told me in 2008
    As he was an Air Force Major Dealing with Combat Fatigue Veterans
    that he had never come across a Case of Anxiety as Severe as what i
    had then.. there is no Life Living in Fear there is no life at all living in
    Fear that is real other than Fear.. everything i did in my Vision Quest
    on my own for 66 Months and Months after that was all worth the pain
    and numb to extinguish all fears from my life.. i became so Strong that
    no one could penetrate the shield of Light around me.. that shield is a
    bit weaker than it’s been lately but i have the ways to become stronger
    without fear than ever before.. haha… before it’s over i’ll be holding
    all 10 ‘Avengers’ on my Shoulders i do believe there is already a
    of that
    Circling online too.. hehe..
    We Visualize who we wanna be
    We Write it Down We Sing it and Voila We Dance
    It the Dream comes to Fruition as Us to Be.. just
    need a bit more alone time to get the Job done better
    i refuse to be a normal man i refuse to be just another
    Fearful Deer stuck in the Headlights of the Crowd around me..
    i fly
    i will to fly..
    and i don’t have
    to leave the ground to do it..
    hehe.. Thanks For Your Inspiring
    Lines that help me now to give myself a Big
    Peptalk this Morning You Bring Some Great Words to Share..:)

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  5. I always worry, for my beloved ones. Can’t change it. I know Thyself. I’m always alerted. Can’t change it. I don’t care for myself much, but i care for my beloved ones. And it’s already late to change it. Actually, I don’t want to change it.

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  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!… indeed, worrying accomplishes very little… “Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere”… 🙂

    “I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.” Louisa May Alcott

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  7. I remember myself like that, full of worry. Now it is different story I never ever do that anymore. It’s true. Because I know where it is coming from and I know how to stay aware all the time. I suppose I am lucky person because I found the cure. Well, worries and anxiety is created by people and the more they worrying the more worries are coming to them. Life is so short to worry. Life is so short! Very very short. Why to waste it for the worries because worries they usually don’t have any base by itself. 😊😊😊

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