About Worry

I dont believe, that there is people in this world who never had felt any worries. It is normal to worry from time to time, but i know, that some of us has this feeling all the time. It’s not easy to live, when you have constant feelings of anxiety. Certain circumstances or people include feelings of loosing themselves and loss of control, the body … Continue reading About Worry

Up and Down

One day you are crying, because you are Down, next day you are laughing because you are UP. (ilona pulianauskaite) Вверх и вниз Однажды вы плачете, потому что вы внизу, на следующий день вы смеетесь, потому что вы вверху. (илона пулианаускайте) Haut et bas Un jour, tu pleures, parce que tu es en bas, le lendemain tu ris parce que tu es en haut. (ilona … Continue reading Up and Down