It is okay To have pain and to Cry

Most of the times i’m smiling, but there is those days sometimes, when i’m crying, i’m not scared to show it, no one should.. Here we go, lets be poor, but honest❤️


51 thoughts on “It is okay To have pain and to Cry

  1. Pain is never fun, we are all human and it’s okay to show that. And tears can be helpful at times, there is nothing wrong with crying that’s for sure. I pray you will be better soon. Take care Ilona and rest.🙂💛😺

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  2. There’s a bible verse that I REALLY love that states “They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.” I personally keep this in mind everytime I feel sad or having the urge to cry. Thank you for letting the world know that it is completely okay to express your emotions! I am also a believer that crying is the way your body purges itself of negative feelings ☀️ Keep your head and keep going! You’re awesome!

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  3. You gave a very strong message Ilona😍😍. Really loved it. If you’re ready to show your smiling face to everyone, why can’t you show your crying face. It’s great idea. This made me to think more on it. Thanks for that spark💖💖

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  4. Takes a lot of courage to post this. You are not alone. I just found out some difficult news today, and am still processing it. I want to cry but feel like I can’t in front of all of these random ppl, but deep down I want to cry. I’m not as brave as you to post something so vulnerable but I can feel your pain. Stay strong ❤️

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  5. SMiLes.. don’t think I’ve
    Met a Truly Happy And
    Loving Empathic
    And Sympathetic
    Soul Who hasn’t
    Spent Long Days
    In An Ocean
    Of Tears
    Of Hell Below
    For True Tears
    Will Become Love
    Out of Emptiness and
    Fear too and a Plus
    This is
    A HeART
    Felt Song
    Yes Poetry
    Avoiding Abyss
    Poetry is only
    As Deep
    Long as the
    Nights and Days
    Of the Darkness of
    Soul it’s like the Entire
    UniVerse Generated
    From Dark and
    Our Whole
    Milky Way
    Spiraling around
    A Black Hole Sun
    Tears Are Heaven
    In Hell.. Flow
    Savior From Below..
    Nice Poem by the Way🤗

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  6. Tu es la personne la plus vrai que j ai pu rencontré. Tel que je te connais tu es la plus pure et brave femme autour de moi. Si tu as besoin d aide fais le moi savoir tu sais ou me trouver. Appel moi et je serai la. Peu importe ou tu veux aller ou faire je serai la pour toi. Est ce que tu veux aller a Bali maintenant? Tu as mon numero, je veux pas t embeter. Hesite pas a appeler. ❤

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  7. The dichotomy of life only proves that its opposite exists as well. However, pain like joy, let’s us know we exist, we are here, and we choose to participate because a single opportunity is better than none.

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  8. Effectivement, les larmes peuvent être profitables pour nous à condition de ne pas trop s’y atarder. Il m’arrive de pleurer de chagrin ou de douleur Ilona. C’est ainsi.
    Gros bisous…. ça passera très vite ma belle.

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  9. Ya right because i used to hide my tears even still but now i cry whenever i feel so because after this i feel light while in past it became more heavy in my chest and with the time i noticed that i am feeling heavyness and little pain in my chest but now it is not heppening so…

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