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dear Ilona thank you for returning your bright smile and childlike ways are contagious today i learned a co worker of mine is in the pink and i took some time to think about how i placed you in a place that was so unreal like the burning of notre dame people can be […]

— utahan15

21 thoughts on “Thank you John — utahan15

  1. SMiLes Placing Folks in Unreal Places online is surely
    easy.. hehe.. no one ever Sweats.. no one ever Burps
    HAha.. the List goes on.. Hair may never
    Get Messed up
    And Poses
    may be made
    Almost like a ‘Super
    Hero’ too.. but true that may
    either be Art or some kind of Venus
    Fly Trap one way or the other.. hAha..
    but then of course there is Flesh and Blood
    Life and instead of Hugs and Hand Shakes.. ‘Bootie
    Dance’ Hook-ups just a passing thrill.. hmm.. is it any
    Wonder the Young And Restless or Older and Lonely Seek
    Romance.. nope.. not really everyone wants to Fall in Love at
    Least once..
    the Internet
    Will be a Very
    Lonely Place
    Where now
    Feeling Filling Many
    Needs may imagined
    but Never really real.. anyway..
    i’m Glad i was Raised and Got married
    When Life was Real all Real JusT All Real..
    How Difficult it is for anyone to truly
    Really know anyone any other way
    than Flesh and Blood.. the
    Internet is Best Used
    for Arts and
    And Most
    Abused for
    Love in all the ways that comes..
    The Truly Saddest Part of online
    is the Flesh and Blood Separation
    Carries on in Flesh and Blood Life…
    Catch 22.. too Young to Live too Old to Die..
    Smiles.. but of course there are exceptions to this
    Rule of Life these Days.. Smiles you are a nice exception it seems..:)

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      1. Haha! Trust me when i say
        my Wife could tell ya some True Stories..
        she always says all ‘Those Young Women’ at the
        Dance Hall
        Wash my
        Dirty Underwear..
        ha..! i’ll be 60 in just
        A Year from June.. 6th.. i’m
        tHere to show ’em what will
        be done not what can’t be done.. hehe..
        yes even
        die but true
        keep in mind
        just ’cause someone
        hasn’t done it yet doesn’t
        mean it won’t never Happen.. haha..;)

        Keep all
        the Doors
        open get used
        to the Cold Stay Hungry hehe..;)

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      1. i’m always extremely cautious when
        i interact with anyone in a Gentlemanly
        Way.. But Seriously Just from An Aesthetic
        View Your Hair does not look out of place at all to me..
        hehe.. Instagram
        Models don’t impress…
        Real Life is more attractive
        that includes the Wind and the Rain..
        And Sun too..
        ugh.. it’s so easy
        for a Poet to get in
        Trouble every way gets
        so dam colorful at every turn.. haha..;)

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  2. SMiLes my Friend enjoy your Day..
    Just in Closing Honestly i’ve never
    Washed Dishes or Washed Clothes
    or Cooked Sense i’ve Been Married
    My Wife Does
    i know
    what i have
    and she knows what
    she has i have a Jewel
    and she has the Dirty Undewear hehe..;)

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