Just had to spit it out

In the World of Kardashian, be you. Yes she is beautiful women, so are you. Perfect lips? I dont have perfect lips my bottom lip is bigger, than the top on, but it doesn’t mean, that i need to get injection to make the even. Perfect booty? We all got one, but to you really need booty job to feel better about yourself?

Perfect breast, perfect gap, perfect eyelashes? How about perfect heart? If you have good heart and beautiful soul and you can reflect it, not thru your look, but thru your action, you are making it right. If you have perfect lips done and you are looking good doesn’t mean, that you are good person. If you got both, i’m honestly happy for you. Instead of focusing on outside look, which is temporal, focus on your inside beauty, it last much longer, lips injection last only 6month, boob job about6-7 years, i could never understand, why some people need it.

Yes i’m 27 years old and i’m getting wrinkles around my eyes already, so what? It doesn’t mean, that i’m not okay, is normal, we will all get old one day, can’t run away from it, but we can focus on our inside look, which last forever.. Sorry Kim, i took you as an exemple, dont know you personally, i hope you are doing well😂


59 thoughts on “Just had to spit it out

  1. Thank you for sharing this! Nowadays not only the Kardashians but all the standards they are putting for beauty are really frustrating for many women out there! It’s so sad that many women don’t know that beauty is very relative and each person is unique and beautiful at their own way and so you are of course dear Ilona 😊

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  2. You are absolutely right Ilona! Today people focus too much on the outward appearance. Probably why I never got married, I mean, I’m not exactly what most women are looking for!😂 But the greatest beauty is that which is inside, in the heart. A beautiful heart is really the most important thing we have and the most beautiful thing we can give. I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but it comes from your friend (I mean me), you are a very beautiful woman, but you have a beautiful heart that is even greater than your outward beauty. It really makes your outward beauty glow even more. I wanted to share that because I agree with what you said, the outward doesn’t stay the same, we do get older, but that inner beauty remains forever. Hope your day goes well!😃💛😺

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  3. Wow, I just think about it…I have so much issues with my look, but never will I get me an operation .. It is beautiful to age naturally.
    I love your words «how about perfect heart»- beautiful written. When you have a beautiful heart you are «rich», and that are important to me…🦋
    Ilona, you are beautiful, your look, and within. Your beauty shines from within and make you even more beautiful and with your heart you are rich.❤️
    Thank you for sharing🦋

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  4. Hehe.. lived both sides of the coin..
    named an ugly boy who looks like a Girl
    when i was young who didn’t deserve to exist..
    and that went all the way through High School
    hmm.. something the Contact
    Lens helped and never giving
    up on getting in better physical
    shape to combat Stress and potential
    Depression and sure to attract someone
    to hold hands with and Hug at night and
    sure other stuff too.. then when i was in my
    Twenties even though i was poor and still not
    comfortable in my own skin hehe then folks
    called me the Ken Doll the Gi Joe.. Magnum PI
    oh the compliments just kept on coming in only
    if i had Money i would have got married so early
    and had Kids then but thanks God i didn’t i.. met
    Katrina who was surely looking like an Indian princess
    but who was raised without food or drink.. yep.. practically
    Starving to Death in our So-called Civilized World lending
    out Scraps to a Single Mother with 6 Children… hehe.. there
    is no doubt though
    Katrina’s Beauty
    Saved her
    from what may
    befall those who
    are not chosen first
    with a Golden Slipper
    from the Poor Folk’s Homes..
    you know what i love about growing
    old the most.. all that crap about competing
    for a mate was gone for decades for me in Peace..
    hmm.. thought i wasn’t even mate Material at all until
    i went to the Dance Hall and totally Surprised just cause i
    expressed a Free and Wild Me that became so much more
    intoxicating to the Women than just Good Looking Fred who
    was uncomfortable in his own skin and had to drink 4 Beers
    just to get Brave enough to stay a Wall Flower in the Bar haha..
    true if only
    i had the fearless
    part when i was Young
    i would have been captured
    Young and Married with a whole
    lot of Kids.. i am pleased with the
    Way it all worked out as there is the
    Side Benefit of Struggle to meet your Human
    Potential in Self-Actualizing Ways too.. Social Science
    Shows that the Number one Attractive aspect of a Man
    to a Woman is Confidence and Fearlessness as such by 60
    Percent over all the Variables actually the Size of the Wallet
    is in the single digits of Attraction.. doesn’t mean though folks
    get married
    to what
    they are
    attracted to
    most obviously
    as such for Culture
    says God is Money Money is God..
    hmm.. anyway.. i could color the bit of gray
    that is coming in and ha! cover up my Bald spot too..
    i could Lie about my Age and Lie about Being Married
    in the Bar in hopes of empty conquests too.. but i’ve lived
    without Emotions the Internal Heaven of Life and that my
    friend is actually worse than the worst Pain known to Humankind
    for 66 Months.. true i would have rather have had that pain than the
    of the
    Living Dead
    our Life our True
    Life Our Soul is what Lives within
    Now.. true.. for some folks it would
    be worth going to Hell now too to LEarn
    the Real Reality that
    just a place
    (Love) to really live
    and give and share for free..
    Cats and Dogs don’t See the way
    we look when they Love us they haven’t
    become ‘retarded’ in Feeling Love yet.. smiles
    my Friend i see People’s Souls the most when all
    that’s left is looks i don’t see much at all but a passing fancy a corpse..:)

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  5. Waiting for your blog is like waiting for bread to come out of the oven to eat it hot. The outer beauty is not everything if it is not inside. Sorry, but your face is a charm and better not to mention your lips. It’s a poem. I look at your glowing smile to know that you enjoy life without going through the scalpel.

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  6. Excellent thoughts. So true. I think many struggle with body issues. Both men and women are fed what we are to look like by celebrities and magazines. Our worth and value are defined by our pecs, breasts, abs, butts, or any other body part.

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  7. Though the enhancements may appeal to the eye and primordial instincts, God made each of us just the way we are supposed to be, and you are 100% correct: the beauty comes from within. And for you, don’t worry about those few little lines, because your loving spirit covers all physical blemishes you, the beholder, may see, but others do not.

    As Pink says, You’re Perfect! 😊 And that comes straight from the heart, and directly from straightfromthepen.com

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  8. Amen! This is a great post. The Bible says:

    “Charm is deceitful and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord will be praised.” Proverbs 31:30

    We will all get old and lose our physical beauty someday. It’s our inner beauty that matters! God bless.

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  9. I am 66 and have been fighting some of the wrinkles lately, but the lines around the eyes are not a big concern. They’re called “laugh lines,” and they identify me as a happy person. 🙂 As for the lines around my mouth, I can make them disappear in seconds. All I have to do is smile. 😉

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  10. Bonjour ILONA
    Le joli mai a pointé son nez depuis quelques jours

    Mai est si gai d’habitude que les fleurs s’en amusent
    Le muguet en premier, il sourit par son parfum
    Lui le lilas rit aux éclats

    Mai est un mois ivres des senteurs, de liberté
    Les oiseaux sifflent à cœur joie
    Le joli mois de mai joue avec le soleil
    fait bondir et danser les enfants
    Le mois de mai réveille le printemps qui dormait
    c’est la fête des prairies, des parcs, des arbres
    des sous bois, ou se cache muguet dans ses feuilles vertes

    Mais MAI chez moi nous a réservé une surprise la semaine dernière
    Les toits , champs , arbres ce sont retrouvés sous une couche de neige

    Gros bisous
    Belle journée , bonne semaine

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  11. Wow, this is probably the best write-up I’ve read today. I had this birthmark under my lower eyelid that people always thought was a fly perching there. At a point I became conscious of it and it made me uncomfortable. I asked my friends how I looked with that, most of them said it gave me extra beauty but then I’ve made up my mind to remove it because I was very uncomfortable when people focused on it rather than my whole face. I went for minor surgery to remove it. Now I regret because that eye is a bit narrower than the other. You see, one thing about ‘surgery to fix’ is that it always has something ugly sooner or later. Thanks Illona for posting this. I have decided to be beautiful on the inside and then keep the outside well groomed as it is. We should appreciate our looks. All of us are beautiful as we are. We only need to understand that even as we long to be like someone else, someone somewhere desire to be like us.

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  12. Bonjour BELLE ILONA

    Il est
    Libre de penser, de rire et d’aimer
    De profiter de chaque secondes de bonheur

    De savoir vivre
    De paix, de joie et savoir décider
    Sans aucune crainte et sans peur

    IL faut
    Savoir dire non, oser ou choisir
    De construire, d’entreprendre , de bâtir

    Il suffit de si peu de chose
    Un peu de courage si j’ose
    La vie n’est pas toujours facile

    Mais il suffit de redresser la tête
    Alors profite bien des tiens et je te souhaite une agréable semaine
    Bisous , Amitié Bernard

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