About respect

First always comes respect for yourself, after comes respect for others. Respect should be not just a way of life. First of all, goodness and courtesy. Always consider the situation and feelings of another person before saying something what may be wrong or responding without thinking. Good manners during conversation. Communicate culturally, as well as eye contact. Ask for permission before using your belongings. Believe in what you say. Nobody likes liars and people who don’t value their word. Respect for another person is very important.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Sur le respect

Tout d’abord vient toujours le respect de soi-même, puis le respect des autres. Le respect ne devrait pas être simplement un mode de vie. Tout d’abord, la bonté et la courtoisie. Tenez toujours compte de la situation et des sentiments d’une autre personne avant de dire quelque chose qui ne va pas ou de réagir sans réfléchir. Bonnes manières pendant la conversation. Communiquer culturellement, ainsi que le contact visuel. Demandez la permission avant d’utiliser vos biens. Croyez en ce que vous dites. Personne n’aime les menteurs et les personnes qui n’apprécient pas leur parole. Le respect des autres est très important.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Об уважении

Сначала всегда уважение к себе, потом уважение к другим. Уважение должно быть не просто образом жизни. Прежде всего, добра и вежливости. Всегда учитывайте ситуацию и чувства другого человека, прежде чем сказать что-то, что может быть не так, или ответить, не задумываясь. Хорошие манеры во время разговора. Общайтесь культурно, а также зрительный контакт. Спросите разрешения, прежде чем использовать ваши вещи. Верьте в то, что вы говорите. Никто не любит лжецов и людей, которые не ценят свое слово. Уважение к другому человеку очень важно.

(илона пулианаускайте)


37 thoughts on “About respect

  1. Good morning Ilona. So very true, we should always respect others and that includes all that you said, good manners, courtesy, don’t lie, keep promises and everything else. Very good thoughts here Ilona, it should always be a part of our lives, even if we make a mistake, we can pick up and keep going again. Thanks for sharing this today. I hope your day is going well!😃🌞😺

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  2. SMiLes.. i Respect a Roach Enough not to Kill it all things ConsidereD i Guess
    It’s Good Katrina is the
    Terminator this
    Way for true
    Carry Disease
    Hmm.. So Hard it
    Is For me To Harm
    Someone and if i
    Lose Respect
    Low Enough
    To strike out
    What’s the use of
    Even Doing that
    For Anger that
    Comes From
    Slighted is
    Only Fear too
    Afraid to Admit
    The Weakness the
    Emptiness i own
    Myself.. hmm..
    Life takes
    Practice.. With
    Apologies and Growing
    Stronger to understand even the Serial Killer
    May be born with
    No Soul as Even
    Science Shows
    Now Relatively
    Speaking of Course…
    True.. the Greatest
    Respect may
    Come From
    Developing Cognitive
    Empathy to understand
    Why others may not
    Meet our Current
    For you
    Know what the
    Descendants of that
    Roach Katrina
    Gets the Last
    Laugh for the Roach
    Will Live much Longer
    As A Species if Humans
    Cannot Bond as an
    Entire Species With
    Love and Give
    More than
    We Take
    From the Rest of
    Nature as We Do
    When We Give And
    Share A Hand reaching
    Out still to others
    We Feel
    By them as it’s True
    The Roach is only a
    Vector of Disease
    For what
    Is Left Behind…
    Hmm.. yet We
    Blame the Roach for
    What the Roach cannot
    Help but still survival
    Come First
    And nah..
    i for one
    An not a
    Big Enough
    Sucker to drink
    Some Cool Aid to literally
    Turn a Physical Cheek
    Or be
    A Martyr
    For someone
    Else’s Ideal…
    Last part
    Will be hard
    Too for an
    To Do
    Hmm.. Life is
    Art much more
    Complex than Science
    Alone My Nice Friend🙏😇🤗✌️😁

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