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Moment of honesty, about few weeks i have this huge head pain almost every day and i dont know why, seems everything goes well in life, buy every morning the pain coming back and it stays for a while almost all day, pain killer doesnt really helps.. Guys any ideas what can i do about it? Did you ever head anything like this? And how do you deal with it? I just want to cry of pain..


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    1. I agree. Often we get headaches when we are dehydrated. How much water are you drinking? Try replacing sweet beverages with water. I suggest using a water tracking app to see how much water you’re drinking.

      If you think it is something more serious, please get it checked out. It could be a TIA (transient ischemic attack) which are super painful and similar to the unbearable pain you are describing. They are often brought on by stress and other factors.

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      1. Those days i didnt felt thirsty those days, but i should drink more for sure, i m used to drink a lot, but when is rainy days and cold and i dont feel thirsty, so i definitely forgot to drink💆‍♀️I never heard about this app, i will check it out👌Yes i think i will go to see doctor again, because i cant handle it anymore❤️

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      2. We are the same age, Ilona. I am also 27 years old (will be 28 this year). There’s many water tracking apps you can download for your phone. My favorite water tracking app is called “plant nanny”. Find one that works for you. I’m not sure if you drink coffee but caffeine is very dehydrating and can cause headaches as well.

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      3. Aww, that’s sweet of you to say 😇💕 It’s easy for me to give advice but hard for me to follow my own advice 😅 I too struggle to drink enough water. Our birthdays are very close. My birthday is August 4❤️

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  1. Lo siento mucho de escuchar que te duele tu cabeza.
    Ve al doctor. No es bueno automedicarse. Pues no conoces la raíz del dolor.
    Descarta posibilidades y toma la mejor decisión.
    Los masajes ayudan por lo pronto y algunas compresas de agua fría sobre el área.
    Pero ve al doctor. No lo dejes pasar.
    Besitos y Ojalá mejores pronto.

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  2. keep in mind that you could have a brain tumor. I did. THAT is too long of a story. I’m just throwing it out there to rule it out…hopefully to help someone avoid what i went thru; I’m blessed to be alive; it’s invisible. Repeatedly went to Dr & ER, it got to the point where I told them to skip all the migraine inventions and just give me a shot of Toradol…& they would. Watch for other signs in personality, judgement, etc.
    Other than that, I don’t know what works best for head pain. I do wish you blessings and successful solution. ♡

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  3. Probably migraine! It is awful I know! It happens quite often to me too 😞 I take Panadol and is working for a while, then I try to stay out and not in front of the monitor or any screen…and luckily is better 😊 Hope you’ll get well soo!

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  4. Take care dear Ilona. If you feel the pain just above eyes, near nose and under eyes, it may be due to eye strain. Put cold tea bags one each over eyes and centre of forehead for 20 minutes and take rest. If it’s due to sinusitis, use hot tea bags like the above way. You may also add few drops peppermint essential oil or eucalyptus oil to hot water and take steam. The above methods proved very much helpful to me while having headaches. May you get healed very soon.

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  5. Hmm.. the Majority of Headaches are tension related and basically
    Tension comes from Emotions that are not expressed Freely in other
    Words someone may be treating you poorly but you may not be in
    a Situation to express Your Anger like if a Customer Disrespects
    you at Your Job so you Hold it in and where does it go.. voila
    Tension most always in the Neck that will Strangle a
    Head and cause a Headache that does not go away
    until the Tension goes away.. hmm.. how to do that
    Express Repressed Emotions.. particularly the Emotion
    of Anger.. hmm.. there is another cure in part that you already
    do as Yoga Brings us a Bio-Feedback to gain a Greater Physical Intelligence to Actually Combine Feeling and Sensing to understand
    just how Connected the Senses of our Body are to the Emotions we
    Experience Day to Day..
    The Biggest Cause of Headaches
    and all other Somatic Pains that are
    caused by Emotional Imbalance and the
    Pain that is Subconsciously Expressed that
    way that may be from Head to toe in the case
    of conditions like Fibromyalgia too.. is that yes
    Welcome to the ‘Matrix’ Square Root one problem
    of most all Disease is we are not living in Balance
    as Evolved.. Humans are Evolved to Forage in Small
    Groups Hand-in-Hand not more than in a Village of
    about 150 to 200 Folks who are Well Acquainted with
    Each other Bonding for Holy and Sacred Meaning and Purpose
    in Life in a Predictable Tradition Day to Day Moving Connecting
    Creating not only Surviving but Thriving yes Dancing Singing together
    Playing With Each other through the Campfire Moonlit Night all Refreshed for another Day.. hmm.. if you really can relate to how
    that might feel just that in itself might be enough to make a
    Stress Induced Tension Headache go away.. yes of course
    there are other Medical Diseases Associated with
    Headaches but every day most every day
    it is the result of tension that comes
    from Repressed and or not
    Expressed Emotions
    basically ‘fight or flight’ stress
    it is totally insane to be Stuck
    Behind a Desk behind a Screen
    Never Getting away to move… connect
    and co-Create with other Humans as we are
    simply Evolved to do.. but instead ‘Capitalism Rules’
    in other Words God is Money Money is God Buildings get
    Bigger and
    Soul as Whole
    becomes Smaller
    and Pain even Bigger as
    Stress Becomes the Real
    God at Essence yes Fear.. Fear
    Anger Road Rage all about life that
    may be repressed within expressed as a Headache
    day in
    day out
    and so many
    other of the Ills
    of Life that folks
    take Pills for a prescription
    for what has become the
    insanity of every day life….
    but try to convince
    someone of
    this good luck haha!.
    for it is true we all co-Create our
    realities through Culture most.. it doesn’t
    have to make a bit of sense.. Humans are really
    good at two things and the Spectrum Between
    Creating Dreams to Nightmares.. and these days
    most everyone is a on a Slow Boil as a Frog in a Pot..
    us of this
    other aches and
    pains and fatigues and
    weaknesses but all the body
    can do is call on us to change for
    the Feels the Body Senses the Body
    is the Scorekeeper gatekeeper for Heaven and or Hell..
    Thing about Yoga and Tai Chi and every other Science
    of Stress Relief is the Body yes our Feelings and Senses Seek
    to Be Free Subconsciously as such.. in other Words all these Instructions
    all these Guidelines we ‘go to school’ to learn to relieve our stress
    are in part anti-thetical to what our Spirit.. our Heart.. our Soul
    Seek most from within and that is to escape the Time Keeper
    the Instruction Maker the Reason Maker the Prison
    INN-Keeper yes the Neo-Cortex the Deadline Maker
    the Fear Monger who we come to make the King of
    our Life the Son of the Father the Mother the
    Holy Spirit of the rest of our Brain under lock
    and key the Son (the Nature of) who has stolen
    control of our Freedom Within.. smiles yet only Slave
    and no longer Great Servant to Orchestrate Heaven Within now..
    as our Entire Mind and Body in Balance plays the Symphony of
    Heaven now Within inside outside above so below and all around
    and ha!
    think i am
    just spiraling
    in Meaningless Circles
    my Friend.. when we move
    Like the Milky Way we set our
    Self Free in Flow.. true.. some folks just
    don’t see the Bigger Picture of Heaven Within..
    i had a Headache for a solid 66 Months.. part of it
    was most definitely constantly tension induced.. my
    Mind was almost totally separated from my Body in Bio-Feedback
    way i had become a Computer of reason more than even human then..
    smiles.. the
    only time i get
    a headache now
    is right before i tell it to go away now
    and that is just a metaphor my friend
    for the Real Soul the Real Spirit the Real
    Heart does not Speak Verbally at Essence in a Bio-Feedback
    of Feeling and Sensing every Nuance of Living and Breathing now..
    There is an Entire other Dimension of Experience that has nothing
    words at
    all (Heaven)
    Truly hard to
    describe what i am
    even talking about my
    Friend for when it is experienced
    when truly experienced it (GoDNaTuREoNE) is ineffable to fully Speak..
    Meanwhile Humans in all their True insanity Create A God and a Hell
    and a Heaven somewhere else that is really
    us now
    to be Heaven
    to hell now real..
    Smiles that message is already
    in ‘the New Testament’ but people
    take other parts literally instead and make Hell now..
    No Doubt if Jesus will come back now He is an icon of a face palm.
    Hope this Helps truly it’s not as simple as just a Spiral Dance it really
    takes Years of practice to Develop the Bio-Feedback from the body
    it takes to
    make a Headache
    and almost any other
    pain go away immediately
    and honestly the only to know
    when it works is when it works through the Intelligence
    of Feeling and Sensing More than what the Neo-Cortex does..
    if a person thinks a spiral dance is silly it will never work.. whatever
    we do in life takes belief for it to work…
    true they
    another way too..
    Smiles my Friend you know i literally
    Survived the Suicide Pain for 66 Months
    Like a Dentist Drill in my Right eye and ear
    that no Drug would touch but that wasn’t all
    there was 18 other mostly Stress induced disorders
    then.. i have the Power now to make every Discomfort
    go away.. i still Feel the Little Hells of Life now and then
    but i have Mastered them.. i see them only as Temporal never
    forevernow again..
    and it’s true
    this is what
    Heaven is all
    about not only
    curing yourself of the
    ills of ‘this World’ but doing
    whatever you can and will to help
    others too.. whether they hear you and see you or not..
    that’s nothing new people do this every day still forever now..
    not always easy to come down from ‘A Mountain’ but those
    who have
    gone below and above
    understand how to climb back up..:)

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  6. Have some chat with your friends and laugh a lot. You know sometimes friends make you feel relaxed with their funny behaviours. I usually follow this to get out of my pain and my friends also cooperate with me.
    Hope you will be well soon😊

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  7. you can do three things
    one self med and hope
    it is stress
    or something organic in nature the cause
    you can do nothing
    and just suffer and hope it goes away
    or you can see a healer
    or doctor
    good luck!

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  8. Check if headache is in
    1) front part. Its lack of sleep
    2) middle/ upper part its lack of water
    3) back of head. It’s due to stress

    Others may include not comfortable sleeping position or migraine or use of excess technology that is mobile and laptops and other devices. Stress on eyes that is of eyes are getting a no, this may also be a cause.

    In most of the headache cases drinking water helps.

    Hope it’s useful.

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  9. Yes,I am also having the same problem and it happens mostly at night. I know it so happens to me owing to severe acidity. I go for ranitidine injections to be relieved. Take care, thanks a lot for sharing it.

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  10. I believe the headache could come from tension. I’d say drink a lot of water in the next few days, try to keep stress at an alleviated and manageable level, and go see a doctor in case it is a serious enjoy if you can! Much love Ilona! ❤

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