3.2.1 QUOTE ME! – ATTITUDE i was tagged in(https://sereneluna.wordpress.com)

Thank you Hilary for tagging me, means a lot to me, because i’m huge quotes lover, if you havent check yet Hilary’s blog here it is https://sereneluna.wordpress.com, very honest and feels so real, this why i like her blog. RULES: 3.2.1 QUOTE ME! Thank the person who tagged you. Post two quotes for the dedicated Topic of the Day. Select three bloggers to take part … Continue reading 3.2.1 QUOTE ME! – ATTITUDE i was tagged in(https://sereneluna.wordpress.com)

About respect

First always comes respect for yourself, after comes respect for others. Respect should be not just a way of life. First of all, goodness and courtesy. Always consider the situation and feelings of another person before saying something what may be wrong or responding without thinking. Good manners during conversation. Communicate culturally, as well as eye contact. Ask for permission before using your belongings. Believe … Continue reading About respect

About Jealousy

Jealousy is tricky disease, the best what you can do, try to dont get infected.. (ilona pulianauskaite) О ревности Ревность – это коварная болезнь, лучшее, что вы можете сделать, – это не заразиться. (илона пулианаускайте) À propos de la jalousie La jalousie est une maladie difficile, le meilleur de ce que vous pouvez faire, essayez de ne pas être infecté .. (ilona pulianauskaite) Continue reading About Jealousy