Appreciation Sunday

My GOD🙏i though i will stop by to see if you posted something new and here i see something beautiful😌Thank YOU!!! Thank YOU!!! Thank you!!!


One key factor to the success of your blog is to follow other blogs and read what they have to say. How can you expect others to appreciate your work when you are self centered and focused on your own blog?

Here are some blogs that are constantly posting valuable stuff:

Hands down my most favorite blog. In fact Ilona taught me to appreciate others and this post is inspired by her

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27 thoughts on “Appreciation Sunday

  1. It is so true Ilona, you have inspired so many people in the time you have been blogging! And you have inspired me a great deal and taught me so much about blogging and having the right attitude about things, not listening to the negative things and focusing on the positive, looking forward, being happy, the list would go on so long in all the ways you have helped me over the last couple months. You are an amazing, wonderful and kind woman Ilona, thank you so very much for all that you have done, you are really a wonderful friend!😃🌞💛😺

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    1. Thank you for reading and for you comment, i’m very happy, that it help for you, as i said those days i will be less active here, getting busy at work also i skipped few morning runs, which i shouldn’t, but i will read posts when i have time and i will comment them as well, but for now i’m busy by living my life now🤗

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      1. Haha.. i don’t have to
        Say a Word the Audience
        At Walmart is Patiently
        Waiting for me to
        Dance as i
        Sing Hello
        ILona Nice to
        See your Nice Words
        From Nice See ya Later
        my Friend With SMiLes🤗✌️🕺🕺😁

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    1. Well, i have no time, just trying to blog from phone mostly, even when i’m outside or at work, overtime i have free minute i read blogs and comment them, so at the end i have no time, i already slow down a lot since i’m back to work, but feels good to read always🤗


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