About Good

Those are not my words i have read it somewhere, but i dont remember where exactly: it cost 00,00$ to be a good person. Just wanted to share it on my blog, because it means a lot to me.

О хорошем

Это не мои слова, я где-то читало, но не помню, где именно: быть хорошим человеком – это недорого – только 00,00 $. Просто хотела поделиться в моем блоге, потому что это много значит для меня. 

A propos de la bonté

Ce ne sont pas mes mots, je l’ai lu quelque part, mais je ne me souviens pas exactement où: cela coûte 00,00 $ d’être une bonne personne. Je voulais juste le partager sur mon blog, car cela signifie beaucoup pour moi.


38 thoughts on “About Good

  1. nice share, and very true words, but although I would say “it’s not suppose to cost anybody any money to be good”, unfortunately, it costs many people thousands or millions of dollars to be good, even though its not suppose to be good… may GOD help us….

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  2. SMiLes The Way i see it
    Good may Be Established
    With No ‘Cultural Clothes at All’
    An Endless Beach of Joy HeARTS
    of Course Just A Dance and Song
    We are
    to Be
    Not unlike a Lion
    of Heart with Courage
    Eye of the Tiger to Survive as Love..
    Smiles.. my Friend i went to College that was nice…
    i earned 3 Degrees i made Money that was nice too..
    i Dance And Write Poetry that Feels Good in Flow
    the Best of
    Days Just
    A Room Full
    of Folks Bowling
    i had the Privilege to
    Serve Rental Shoes and Spray
    Them Down with Smiling eyes
    of Glad to meet you.. most always
    they smiled back in Flesh and Blood
    Funny how
    Life Will
    us to almost
    nothing at all of Value..
    True.. i felt that one Day
    when i was promoted into
    a Small Office in Front of a Screen
    with No Windows just a Bit of Hell to Scream….
    more Money
    that Meant nothing
    at all just like when i got
    Financially Independent in Hell my Friend..
    Bowling Alone is not What the Human Race is meant to be..
    into Depths of Screens..
    Smiles enjoy your Weekend of Fun…
    My Solution Now is a Forever Home for a Cat must talk the Wife into
    That someone who will always smile back to me with a Purr.. hehe.. Secure..
    With Purring Cats..;)

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