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So, as you already know, the site had some issues and it showed me, that i dont follow people who i already followed, i would like to let you know, that i follow everybody back, if it shows what i dont, please let me know, i didn’t unfollowed anyone, hugs and enjoy YOUR FRIDAY, feels good thought?


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    1. I support her and she us one of my best supporters. I have never met you personally before but I send her all my support and love . With all my love and appreciation to wordpress and all bloggers , remember that no one can please everyone but please keep shining your light and sending us blessings …

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      1. I feel blessed to help .
        I have read that you are blessed to be a blessing …
        By the way , I send light , peace and love to France and all … Keep being your best , doing your best to be the best expression and version of yourself as a nation-state and as individuals …Vive La France et Vive le Liban …c’est tres bien …

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  1. Hi Ilona! Yes, I am having the exact same problems lately, it’s a bit frustrating since I have to keep hitting the follow button nearly every day for the same blogs. Sure hope they get things fixed soon on that! How’s your day?😃🌞☕🌴

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  2. At least 10 un follow on my web page now and then. I dnt unfollow any one but when I observed 10 12 gone all most it’s 2 months I am experiencing. My follower count always between 590 to 605 over 2 months go up and drop so for now I stop searching what happen and just let it go when the tech issues comes to an end let WP intimate. May be a bug issue.
    Happy day and happy Easter too. 💖

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      1. I will eat to much chocolate 🍫 😉 … you should to.

        Easter runs from Good Friday to Easter Sunday for us. The days representing the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Easter Sunday is Jesus ascending into heaven the most important day in year.

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    1. hey hey hey Manish, i dont know if you read my post about word press, i wasn’t able to comment you, it showed me failed, overtime i tried to answer you question or to comment you, i really hope it will get better soon, i’m fine, working today and its finally weekend so i’m very happy about it😌My is going very well so far, i’m really enjoying it, weekend, i didn’t plan anything, i dont like to plan, because anyway it never turns the way i want it to turn, how about you? How have you been? How is you day and are you okay?🤗

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      1. Ohh is it… You had some issue… Hope it get fixed…

        Am fine…Day going good…

        So I didnt get any msg from you I mailed you just to say hi.. but no reply there .. happy you r fine..💕💕🤗🤗

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  3. A friendly advice is to send goodness and love without expecting anything in return directly . Always our divine presence sends us the best at any time and any place whether we know or not .Just have faith , and trust peacefully …best wishes …

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  4. SMiLes.. For me i am Still getting Email Subscriptions on my iPhone then Safari doesn’t
    Recognize the Follow Can Only like some Blogs using Google That does Recognize i am Following but only when I click
    On Individual Posts..
    Reader through the Word Press App works Fine for the Blogs I see there.. i can still comment on my
    Desktop but again must
    Use Google App on my
    iPhone to do that but
    Hey the Blogspot Platform
    Is even Worse for on some
    Blogs there i cannot
    Comment at all
    So With Friends i
    Use Email for
    Haha at least
    That still Works
    As Hotmail Advertised..🙏🤗😊

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  5. Ilona, thank you for including my blog in the Friday follows! 💕 I wasn’t able to leave a comment there so I am leaving one here. I really appreciate your kindness and I’m hoping to write again. I haven’t been able to find the motivation to write lately and I really miss it. I would like to write again once the sun shines again and things look less cloudy🌤

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