About Goodnight

Maybe i’m wrong or maybe i’m right, but i think: if you want to sleep well, you have to clean your heart first. For this you have to straight and honest in your everyday life, to be good with other people, like this you dont need to be scared to face the mirror. With an heavy heart you will have culpability, your behaviour will haunt you before your sleep. Your sleep time will suffer fail this, Then your mood next day and even your health in general. Do it for your own good, not for others. Be a good person, make your heart clean and sleep tide.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О спокойной ночи

Может быть, я ошибаюсь или, может, я права, но я думаю: если вы хотите хорошо выспаться, сначала вы должны очистить свое сердце. Для этого вы должны быть честными и честными в своей повседневной жизни, быть хорошими с другими людьми, например, вам не нужно бояться смотреть в зеркало. С тяжелым сердцем вы будете виновны, ваше поведение будет преследовать вас перед сном. Ваше время сна пострадает, Это ваше настроение на следующий день и даже ваше здоровье в целом. Делайте это для вашего же блага, а не для других. Будьте хорошим человеком, сделайте свое сердце чистым и приливом сна.

(илона пулианаускайте)

À propos de bonne nuit

Peut-être que je me trompe ou que j’ai raison, mais je pense: si vous voulez bien dormir, vous devez nettoyer votre cœur en premier. Pour cela, vous devez être franc et honnête dans votre vie quotidienne, pour être bon avec les autres, vous n’avez pas besoin d’avoir peur de faire face au miroir. Avec un cœur lourd, vous aurez la culpabilité, votre comportement vous hantera avant votre sommeil. Votre temps de sommeil en souffrira, puis votre humeur le lendemain et même votre santé en général. Faites-le pour votre bien, pas pour les autres. Soyez une bonne personne, nettoyez votre cœur et endormez-vous.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


29 thoughts on “About Goodnight

  1. You are so very right here Ilona! A clean heart is a necessity for a good sleep. And doing good and being honest with people throughout the day is not only good for others but even better for ourselves. And it”s true that it can affect our health for good or bad since it will affect our sleep. Great thoughts here to consider Ilona, thanks!😃😺

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  2. SMiLes Ilona those of us Blessed enough to Love
    other Folks with Kindness and Respect Lifting others
    up are surely most Blessed now for this Fortune may be
    both an Innate Propensity now as well as a Garden of Love
    Hugged and Kissed well by both Family and Friends and
    even the Village Whole as We Travel the Journey of Life
    More With Hugs
    or Empty
    Negative consequence
    is Living in a World with
    Folks who are more fully
    Receptive to loving care
    and kindness is that we
    too start to take the
    Lower Ground
    Watering and
    Feeding our own
    Mountain of Love that is
    Truly all we can and will
    expect to Master in Emotional
    Regulation and Sensory Integration
    in a Bio-Feedback of Life as all forms
    of Meditation Essence in Mind and Body
    Balance helps to Feed and Strengthen the
    Endurance and Resilience of our Humanity too..
    i’ve been a bit more tired than usual and i caught
    myself going aboard the Military Station i retired
    from to Work out with not much Left in me to wish
    the Gate Guard a Good Night.. but i forced the Breath
    out of me and immediately came more to life recharged
    so i guess
    the metaphor
    here may be
    Every Breath
    of Kindness makes
    our Heart our Love
    Muscle Within Grow
    Both Stronger and More
    Endurable in Resilience to
    the Darkness We may encounter
    in Life surely refreshing to even
    see someone responding back to all
    the comments on a Blog if i couldn’t do
    that hehe.. even though folks rarely visit me..
    i’d have to close the Comments on Posts too..
    i like to be fair to everyone as it is obvious that
    is what helps you sleep well at night to my Friend
    don’t matter much if people harm me but if i harm them
    me with SMiLes..:)

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  3. I did something good today and it felt so good to see the smile on her face. I think giving brings more joy to the giver than the receiver. I agree that we need to talk things out before bed, whether it’s in a journal or a partner or friend. We shouldn’t go to bed angry even though many of us do. I know some people who write in a journal before bed and I heard journals helps too. 😀

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  4. Nice post Ilona. Very Thoughtful. I haven’t slept well since I left my new place last for a visit back home. I will be sleeping better soon though as I will be heading back in another week or so. Nice read

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  5. I really like this one. I know a lot of people that are having issues sleeping. And I am one of those that can sleep without any issues, maybe because I know how to let go, I pray to Him all my worries and that’s help me sleep well.

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  6. Always go to bed and don’t have anything unsaid with anyone❤️Always say goodnight, maybe a hug or kiss, it depends of the person, be grateful for the day and by yourself and someone out there is happy because of you- I like to think that❤️

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      1. Wow, that was quite a compliment🦋thank you so much❤️I am so grateful for you Ilona❤️I have a lovely time with my family. Thank you so much Ilona, and I wish you a great time as well🌹You work and study so hard, so I hope you make yourself a wonderful time❤️Take care🦋

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