About Good

It’s free to be good it doesn’t cost anything but it can give happiness and joy to other people. Be good without waiting anything in return and one day it will come back to you i’m sure.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О хорошем

Быть хорошим – это бесплатно, ничего не стоит, но может приносить счастье и радость другим людям. Будьте добры, ничего не ожидая взамен, и однажды это вернется к вам, я уверен.

(илона пулианаускайте)

Sur le bien

C’est gratuit d’être bon, cela ne coûte rien, mais cela peut donner du bonheur et de la joie à d’autres personnes. Sois bon sans rien attendre en retour et un jour il te reviendra j’en suis sûr.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


30 thoughts on “About Good

  1. That is very true Ilona, being good doesn’t cost anything and we should be willing to be good to others without wanting something in return. It certainly can bring joy to others, thanks for sharing this, it’s a wonderful thought!😃🌞😺🌴

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  2. Ugh.. my Wife’s Instagram Account would not allow me to see your Dance Video.. it says it is private too.. so.. anyway.. in appreciation for you trying to share that with me i am going to share a little story i wrote earlier this morning and hehe.. And wrote and did earlier than that too.. about the Good We ALL Can and Will ALL Do in Life if we Try And Do Not Give Up..:)

    Uh oh.. i was always the Teacher and the Student’s Pest in School punching my Hand into the Air At Every Question asked.. Well.. for me at Least.. Changing the World.. A SMiLe.. A Dance.. And even a Word That May count as Song is of Paramount Purpose for i was raised on Superman and Batman but way too shy to wear tights and bear guns and fists to save the World So as i stood back mostly serving Rental Shoes at a Military Bowling Center as A Government Employee watching the razor thin Election in Florida with Gore and Bush change the course of History i thought to myself if only i could find a way to significantly Influence A Coming Generation of Youth to become more liberal in voting ways.. perhaps i could not only change the course of History but perhaps even
    Save the World but i needed a plan a way to do it for Smiling Eyes Behind the Counter Serving Sanitized Rental shoes might not be enough.. Well.. To make a 6.7 Million Word Poem And 11,101 Mile Public Dance like a Trickster in my Trump State Metro Area in Florida stealthily in
    Plain Sight shorter
    i am
    In Advance announcing
    my Public Dance in 67 Months of Doing that along with the long long Form ‘Bible’ Poem Documented as such already saved the World in the Future.. hehe.. and hey if A Mild Mannered Shoe Server Behind a Bowling Alley Shoe Counter for a Couple of Decades who Graduated with 3 College Degrees Can Do this When assessed as Permanently Disabled With Bi-Polar And Autism Spectrum Condition too.. the Challenge is already out for everyone to do it for if someone like me can do it WHY NOT YOU TOO.. the reason i can announce i did this in Public and Trump Lovers not get mad is it is too late for them to Stop me now Before the ‘Good Friday April Full Moon’.. anyway cause the Task is already done like a Real Never Ending Moon Child Story now.. ha! They’ve all seen the Dance with no F in Clue what i was up to And Ha! As Far as all these Words Go i am way too big and deep like the Ocean Blue to get to the Bottom of the Story.. the most interesting part of this Story is it is Real and i did it like a Ninja.. like an Invisible Man.. Like a Batman Dancer in the Night ‘they’ will never really see for all of
    what i Did but me..
    True Though the 6.7
    Million Word
    The Truth That it
    Happened.. Hehe..
    Saving the World doesn’t
    Have to mean Blood Shed…
    Loving SMiLes.. Dance.. and Song..
    Yes.. Love.. is the only
    That is
    Possible to
    Save the Species of US..
    True.. i really could use
    Some Help already wore
    Out 22 Pairs of Nike Shox
    Shoes and if they wanna
    Name a Shoe after me the
    proceeds will go to Poor
    Immigrants or perhaps
    Just an incentive to trade
    Money for a Soul….
    On top of that
    Science already
    Shows Moving
    Meditation is
    The Fountain of
    Youth as
    An Avenue
    For A Flowing
    Happy Heaven
    Within that is
    Contagious Like
    A Love Flu too..
    As i Continue to
    Help Produce a
    Generation of Hopers and
    Lovers Away From Fearers
    And Haters.. ugh.. need some
    Help in the Deep South Gulf Coast Bible Belt
    Tired of
    Only one
    To Do this
    Feels Like Forever
    Eternally Now Now
    In a Flower State Shaped
    Like a Gun Florida with me
    Loaded in the PaNHandle Barrel
    Spraying Bullets of
    Loving Dance all over
    This Place of
    HeHe.. For Sure..
    It’s True though i
    Did get some help
    From people who
    Inspired me along
    the Way and did not
    Kick me out of
    Their Blogs or Stores
    as hey.. We already know
    Now That not only are all
    Super Heroes Eccentric..
    So are the Comic Book
    Writers.. Real Or Fiction.. anyway..
    the ‘Big Book’ is already out in Electronic
    Free Publish And Before you are recognized
    in the coming Movie I’ll make Sure it is Okay With
    And Others
    For them to
    Be Recognized
    In the Movie for
    Obviously Now
    She (and others) is
    Already a Mysterious
    Inspiring Character Now
    In the ‘Big Book’.. hehe..;)

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