About Adrenaline

Adrenaline is like a drug for some people. They become addict to it. And sometime push sadly too much limit to get more and more. Need to never forget the safety. There is tone of way to get adrenaline, but most of time its by being in relative danger.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О адреналине

Адреналин для некоторых людей как наркотик. Они становятся зависимыми от этого. И иногда, к сожалению, слишком большой предел, чтобы получить больше и больше. Нужно никогда не забывать о безопасности. Существует способ получить адреналин, но в большинстве случаев он находится в относительной опасности.

(илона пулианаускайте)

О адреналине

L’adrénaline est comme une drogue pour certaines personnes. Ils en deviennent dépendants. Et parfois, pousser malheureusement trop de limite pour obtenir de plus en plus. Besoin de ne jamais oublier la sécurité. Il y a moyen de faire monter l’adrénaline, mais la plupart du temps, c’est en danger relatif.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


40 thoughts on “About Adrenaline

  1. Adrenaline and all associated Stress
    Hormones in response to Fear either
    Real like a Boa Constrictor or the Illusory
    Fears that Swallow us Whole all the way through
    Night and Day.. in the rest of the ‘normal’ Animal
    Kingdom Restricted for a Fight or Flight for Survival
    for Basic Animal
    Subsistence.. In
    the Human
    A Way of Life
    many Folks Find
    And do Create for themselves..
    Stress Kills Fight or Flight is reserved
    as Evolving Still for Millions of Years just
    for that a Physical Flesh and Blood Fight or
    Flight from it.. Smiles we Create Mind Fights day in day
    out.. Those Mind Fights Reduce the Colors of Emotions
    that will Normally Take us through the Day Safely
    Fight or
    Adrenaline working
    us up breaking us down
    without a Break for all the
    Illusory Fears we bring as fight and flight..
    Where the Only real Enemy Becomes our self..
    And the Way the Rest of Culture becomes Poison
    too.. Smiles.. Adrenaline will eventually kill us slowly
    faster if we don’t find a way to Regulate our Emotions and
    Integrate our Senses away from that as there is a much higher
    Force for Strength and Endurance the Pure Love of ‘Chi’ Yes Life
    without Fear
    Life without
    and Soul
    and the Rest of
    our Body Out to Fumes
    With Ashes Left.. Adrenaline
    Burns us up ‘Chi’ Powers us Ahead..
    And quite Honestly some folks Never
    Experience ‘Chi’ at all i too rarely to ever did before…
    Smiles.. hehe.. i’ve been experiencing a bit too much
    no one
    is exempt
    A practice of
    A Life toward Light..
    i Felt it a bit when i danced
    last night while some folks may
    enjoy it i only see it as poison now..
    even in a fight.. ‘Water’ Flows A most Powerful Force..:)

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  2. You ‘re right on this Ilona. I want to mention something, since I asked you a question on a previous article of yours : https://easydiet.blog/2019/04/17/about-depression-2/ , but probably you didn’t have time to answer back, and because I don’t want to forget. From your observation I wrote three keywords : 1)happens to many people , 2) lack of energy , 3) can’t think and focus, and of course i will add a fourth keyword which is” bad mood”

    I asked you what is it that you suspect. But since I don’t want to forget and because it is difficult to give an answer despite the fact that you described exactly and with clarity the symptoms , and because as you said drugs don’t do anything – and this is a wonderful observation, I want to mention – I’ll tell you this: If you did all the tests for vitamin efficiency, hormone disorder, thyroid, and I think you already know the list, and everything is just fine, which I’m almost certain, you better focus on spinal issues. And this is the reason i told you : DO NOT STRESS your body with exercises or by going to the gym. Spinal changes are sneaky, and this is the reason why you notice that this is something which happens to many people. What about the mood and the clarity now : The spine functions as one, and is a synchronous system. For example : you have a different posture and feeling when you wear sport shoes, and a totally different posture and feeling with the high heels. The posture changes immediately, aytomatically and at the same time, effecting the whole body as if it is one system which IT IS. About the mood : The spine functions as one because of the meninges. The meninges hold all vertabrae in one place. When your posture change and you stress your body, this has an effect to your mood. I’ll tell you more later on on this topic. So, now you know why many people have same issues.

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      1. The question was : what do you suspect ? I already gave my answer because i didn’t want to forget. Please read what I wrote. I wrote this to your benefit and for the benefit of our many people as you said that happens to have same issues.

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      2. Do not wear high heels. do not use orthopaedics my ass things inside the shoes. Flat shoes and walk bear foot inside your home. Or test yourself, by wearing different shoes. additionally when you sit in front of your pc, you better use something to sit on. I’ll sen you a link in order to understand.

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      3. Yes, you ‘re right. I said do not overdo, do not push yourself more than your body can do. I didnt say stop. I said listen to your body and be picky with the activities. For instance swimming and water activities are more friendly to the body than going to the gyma lifting wights. Its simple, isnt it ?

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      4. Well I almost told you, but i will have to right on this next time. It is called meningeal system. And there is a reason for the “depression”.


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