About Depression

I have met many people here who have, or are still struggling with it, that’s why I decided to talk about it some more.

Bad moods can come very fast and can leave as fast as they came, but sometimes the bad mood will decide to stay. When it stays too long it may make you worry and stress can turn to panic attacks and that can have a big effect on your physical health.

You can end up with a lack of energy and not being able to think clearly. You may feel guilty and you don’t want to talk to anyone around you and staying in bed looks like the right thing to do at that moment. I can talk about it easily because as I already mentioned in my other posts, I have had it and I’m not afraid to admit it and to talk about it. We are all people and it can happen to anyone, at any time, with or without any particular reason.

You can feel good, if you really want. I will explain step by step what I did and I may add a video this evening and talk more about it.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

P.S. Huge thank you Steve, for correcting my mistakes

О депрессии

Я встречал здесь много людей, которые сталкиваются или до сих пор борются с этим, поэтому я решил поговорить об этом еще немного.

Плохое настроение может наступать очень быстро и может уходить так же быстро, как и появилось, но иногда плохое настроение решает остаться. Если он длится слишком долго, это может вызвать у вас беспокойство, а стресс может перерасти в панические атаки, что может оказать большое влияние на ваше физическое здоровье.

Вы можете столкнуться с нехваткой энергии и неспособностью мыслить ясно. Вы можете чувствовать себя виноватым, и вы не хотите говорить с кем-то вокруг вас, и пребывание в постели выглядит в данный момент правильным решением. Я могу говорить об этом легко, потому что, как я уже упоминал в других своих постах, у меня это было, и я не боюсь признать это и поговорить об этом. Мы все люди, и это может случиться с кем угодно, в любое время, по какой-либо конкретной причине или без нее.

Вы можете чувствовать себя хорошо, если вы действительно хотите. Я объясню шаг за шагом, что я сделал, и я могу добавить видео сегодня вечером и поговорить об этом подробнее.

(илона пулианаускайте)

A propos de la dépression

J’ai rencontré beaucoup de gens ici qui ont ou ont encore du mal à le faire, c’est pourquoi j’ai décidé d’en parler un peu plus.

La mauvaise humeur peut arriver très vite et partir aussi vite qu’elle est arrivée, mais parfois la mauvaise humeur décide de rester. Quand cela dure trop longtemps, cela peut vous inquiéter et que le stress peut se transformer en attaques de panique, ce qui peut avoir un effet important sur votre santé physique.

Vous pouvez vous retrouver avec un manque d’énergie et ne pas être capable de penser clairement. Vous pouvez vous sentir coupable et ne pas vouloir parler à personne autour de vous et rester au lit semble être la bonne chose à faire à ce moment-là. Je peux en parler facilement parce que, comme je l’ai déjà mentionné dans mes autres billets, je l’ai eu et je n’ai pas peur de l’admettre et d’en parler. Nous sommes tous des personnes et cela peut arriver à n’importe qui, à tout moment, avec ou sans raison particulière.

Vous pouvez vous sentir bien si vous voulez vraiment. J’expliquerai pas à pas ce que j’ai fait et je pourrai ajouter une vidéo ce soir et en parler davantage.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


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      1. That might do it, I wake up without my alarm too now, this morning I was up at 3:25am, and when I wake up that’s it, there is no going back to sleep!😄🌙💛🌴


      2. Hey, it’s 4:30 and you’re not up yet! Good morning when you do log on again!😃🌞💛😺 I hope your day starts off great, maybe we can talk on your lunch break if you’re not busy! I’m off to bed soon myself, I think Muffin is already there!😸😄

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      3. Good morning Ilona! Muffin and I are finally up and starting our day. I have my coffee,☕ the moon is shining brightly! How has your day been so far? Hope it is going well for you. Stop by, say hi!😃🌞💛🌴

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      4. Hey, hey Ilona! What, no coffee? I just finished my first cup of coffee. My day is going well, just catching up on some reading. I’m feeling great today! I’m still excited after yesterday!😃🌞💛🌴

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      5. Might be me, because I can get on with my tablet, but not with my laptop, very odd. May I download that picture you used on about depression part 1? It would be so nice as wallpaper on my laptop!😃📷🌞

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      6. I did a new post yesterday, right now I’m getting some pictures ready for today’s post. A squirrel outside is driving Muffin crazy! She comes right up to the window and looks at Muffin.😂😼🐿

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      7. I forgot to mention before, the bear was around again and looked in the window.🐻 Poor Muffin, she was sitting right there, but not for long, she ran and hid!🙀 But by the time I got my camera he was already walking off the deck. Sigh. He certainly has a huge head!😃📷🌞

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      8. I slept a little, not very much. I did eat a bit, just don’t seem to be very hungry except at breakfast, so I am eating my breakfast anyway though not enough this morning, but I’ll have a snack later. I didn’t get a good picture, hard through the window, didn’t show up good at all. Maybe I’ll have to sit outside and wait for him!😂🌙📷💛

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  1. Really great. I had mild depression too but not really something to worry about so I was fine but I understand what others might feel and it takes courage to talk about it but talking only helps. Thank you☺️


  2. I think that most everyone on the face of this earth have suffered from depression at one time or another, it doesn’t matter who they are, doctors, nurses, policemen—you name it. God made us all and we have the same make up. It’s just that many like to pretend that they have never been touched by it. While some may have it worse than others, I think its very common. There may be a medical side to it, but I also believe that its part of a spiritual battle going on over our lives—with the enemy (Satan) trying to manipulate our minds with various temptations, while the good Lord is trying to save us with His words—but most times the temptations of the enemy is more appealing and once we give in, they lead to bigger problems…

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  3. SMiLes my Friend i am surely not ashamed
    to discuss my issues with Depression in the Past
    for i am mildly diagnosed with Bi-Polar in the sense and
    feel that i literally have a Prescription from my Doctor for
    Free Dance as the only Remedy necessary for me to Regulate
    my Emotions and Integrate my Senses as this has set me free from
    Potential Negative Symptoms socially from a Higher Functioning
    Form of Autism Called Asperger’s Syndrome too.. in fact my First
    Attending Psychiatrist who traveled all 66 Months with me
    in Hell on Earth was so inspired by my personal cure
    for all my ills he quit his practice and
    then went down to South
    Florida to teach
    Movement therapy
    to folks in a Teaching Hospital
    for Budding New Psychiatrists..
    Smiles.. my Friend my Cure helped
    him get inspired to get out of a Practice
    he didn’t like so much too.. Writing expressing
    all my Emotions with Words in Song is a remedy for
    me too.. for True my Feet and Hands Dance in Balance
    Regulating my Emotions and Integrating my Senses now True in LiGHT

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  4. I like your courage and the fact that you want to share your experience. I will only mention some keywords from the words you used to describe the issue : many people, lack of energy, can’t think clear

    PS: The pills won’t do anything. You’ re right on this. On the other hand “depression” is a term for a category, since the scientists do not know the root of the problem they decided to create categories, which means they are gonna feed people with pills because they find this more proper instead of stressing themselves a bit, starting to observe and act as if they are researchers. Most of them they are not, which means they give what they are told to give. Which means they became “scientists” to solve some financial issues, some social issues, and to promote themselves as if they are the greatest deal for a successful but a wealthy marriage… lol . Fuck them. I have to ask you a question: What do you suspect ? You saw my keywords. I have more to tell. My advice for the moment is to listen to your instinct, and do not overdo with exercises or working out by going to the gym. Find something that it doesn’t stress your body . Your body will understand, because it will feel happy. DO NOT STRESS your body doing activities that it doesn’t like. Take care. We’ll talk again.

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  5. Its great to see such post appearing in WordPress..
    Depression can be hard.. one or the other week/month its a kind of visiting guest.
    What I do is indulge myself in playing with local kids, It had the most positive impact than anything else..

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