Tuesdays Brilliants

The most shining today:






Blogs who are shining today💙


13 thoughts on “Tuesdays Brilliants

  1. Wow, You are a lovely soul with a heart of gold, and to me you are a shining star⭐️Thank you for mentioning me🦋You warm my heart and soul🦋and Ilona, I understand you have to work a lot, but anyway, you are brilliant too- in your blog or on others platforms❤️
    Thank you, and make you a great day🦋

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  2. Hi.. ILona.. thanks for putting me on a List of Brilliant Bloggers this Morning Dear New Young Lady Friend.. i Am Up too early.. so I start early… perhaps a nice nap Later.. anyway.. thanks again you are a Kind Soul i appreciate
    Very much… enjoy work!!..:))🤗😇😁💤😁🕺

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  3. Good morning Ilona! Thanks for sharing more blogs with us, such a nice thing! As others have said, you shine as well and so does your blog, yours is definitely the top one I go to each day. Nice to get that start with some positive things! Thanks so much for being here!😃🌞😺

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