Productivity and Efficiency

Productivity and efficiency are two different things. Productivity is when we just work more and efficiency is when we do the same we get a better result. I think productivity needed, but if you work without efficiency it will slow down the process, you know this feeling when you are working extremely long hours, you feel like you have been productive, but the results are not what you were expected. On a another side, i think you had experience with efficiency when you work less, but the results are impressive. I can be productive all day, but the efficiency for some reasons comes on early mornings.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Производительность и эффективность

Производительность и эффективность – две разные вещи. Производительность, когда мы делаем то же самое, мы получаем тот же результат. Я думаю, что производительность нужна, но если вы долго, вы не знаете, что искали. С другой стороны, я думаю, что вы хорошо проводите время, но результаты впечатляют. Я могу быть продуктивным весь день.

(илона пулианаускайте )

Productivité et efficacité

La productivité et l’efficacité sont deux choses différentes. La productivité, c’est quand on travaille simplement plus et l’efficacité, quand on fait la même chose, on obtient un meilleur résultat. Je pense que la productivité est nécessaire, mais si vous travaillez sans efficacité, cela ralentira le processus. Vous connaissez ce sentiment lorsque vous travaillez de très longues heures. Vous vous sentez productif, mais les résultats ne sont pas ceux que vous attendiez. D’un autre côté, je pense que vous avez fait l’expérience de l’efficacité lorsque vous travaillez moins, mais les résultats sont impressionnants. Je peux être productif toute la journée, mais l’efficacité pour certaines raisons est obtenue tôt le matin.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


58 thoughts on “Productivity and Efficiency

  1. Good morning! Great thoughts there Ilona! And you are right, there is definitely a difference between the two. One reason we would be more efficient in the morning is because we are fresher, more alert so we just generally do a better job. Later in the day, even if we may not feel it, we are more tired, so we can still do the work but it isn’t done as efficiently. We just basically want to get the work done.🤔😃

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      1. My best time of day to be efficient and productive is definitely the morning!🌞 But maybe that’s because I’m a morning person!😄 But I feel more awake and attentive to what I do in the morning, but I can still be productive all day.😃

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      2. Hi Ilona, I’m finally back, I had to go do some shopping and get a couple pictures taken at the studio. How is your day? Do you still have the head pain?🤔🤔🌞💛🌴


  2. SMiLes For me as Science shows too we are Most Efficient And Productive in a State of Flow More often attained in the Early Morning And Late At night as Far as Creativity Flows Productivity And Efficiency too why is Because in Flow our NeoCortex is Quieter allowing our Subconscious
    Mind to come awake as that comprises the other 95 percent of Human Potential when in Flow and of Course Both still
    And Moving Meditation Will Bring this Higher Force of Human Being as You May Gain more of the other 95 Percent of your Human Potential instead of Being Stuck in a
    Rut so
    Far Below
    Above.. Hehe

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      1. Thank you my Friend.. Night yes at 5:05 AM but not for long.. been up since 3:30 AM.. Tuesday
        Is Public Dance Afternoon
        After Writing
        Long too
        Forward to
        Both Dance and Song
        Hehe my Star Wars
        Light Saber is Hand
        Of Pen as Type
        And Feet
        Dance and
        Song in Flow
        Too.. ever Notice
        A Shortage of Peacemaker
        SuperHeroes Hehe iAim to Change that With Love as
        We all should Do after that
        There are endless other Planets to save Hehe this
        Is why i am eternally
        Now Happy
        Master Key
        Is Give And
        Share Love as Thorns
        And Flowers Make Roses
        Guns are For Lesser Beings Through our
        Universe And
        Beyond As is
        Fear and Hate
        Too but Light
        Will Always come
        From Dark Always
        Gives me something
        Fun and Challenging In
        Dark and Light to Do
        The Dawn
        Is Breaking
        Thanks for
        Sharing this
        Sunrise With
        Me A New Day
        Now Always Worth
        Celebrating my Young Friend🕺🕺🕺😁🕺🕺☺️🕺


      2. Well last night from 12 to 3.. there were some Dance Videos three of them in my last post.. i think you have already seen at least one of those with Smiles.. haven’t posted any since then🤗🕺


  3. You have unleashed a whole controversy with those words. First, it makes your blog a reason to exchange ideas and second, it makes clear to us that the difference in those two words has a relevant scope to do a better job. Nothing like using intelligence and not brute force. regards

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