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So, yesterday i couldnt replay to the comments it was keep showing failed, i was chatting with word press on free chat, they said it is server update. This morning i couldnt log in on my web site, after 2 hours trying i finally could, i asked them again, they said is my Safary got a problem, okay i left lap top, i connected on pc, still the same problem. This afternoon, i find out, that i’m not following many people who followed me, i always follow back everybody. Now this evening i couldnt answer to few comments and to comment few other people. I’m alone who is having weird things going on here?



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    1. I just hate waste of time, why can’t they just tell us, that something going on, they keep trying to convince me, that is my problem, but i have Chrome, Safary, i was trying to log in from many different technologies, phone lap top, my mums lap top, my fathers phone, so maybe enough telling lies to me, wasted like 4 hours today of my life, by listening lies..

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      1. It is time wasting and frustrating. Some people said they were sending comments multiple times. For some certain posts seemed blocked and people couldn’t comment on them. I’ve seen people suggesting it’s something to do with the new format thing. I’m still on the classic version myself.
        Such is the nature of technology. The people that create it are never in a hurry to admit if it’s a problem on their side.

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  1. You are not alone Ilona! I’m having the same problems except I have not had problems logging in, and WordPress has been no help at all and it’s frustrating! I know they had a new update, but they should have fixed the problems with it by now. Sad.🙁

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  2. Safari doesn’t show me following Blogs on my New iPhone but the Google App Does i cant like with my Desktop Safari so i either go to the
    Reader or Back to the the Google App on my iPhone this is a recent issue
    for Compatibility With
    Safari will likely Require
    A Fix by Apple in the Next update.. didn’t have problems on my iPhone until i upgraded to the latest Version of
    IOS 12.. SNAFU..
    hehe Always finding
    Work arounds
    Hehe if Reader
    Is not working for
    That it is an issue indeed…
    Good Luck!!!🙏🤗

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  3. I know how frustrating it can be. I remember having such problems sometime ago and got really worried. Eventually things came back to normal. You just have to be patient. The high volume of traffic WordPress has to deal with everyday makes it daunting for them. Courage.

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  4. It seems every time WordPress does update there are some people who have issues much like you are having. It would be nice if word press would tell us ahead of time when they are going to do an update or have done an update so that we would know we might have problems. Also it seems hit and miss with the tech people with WordPress with them helping or not. I have found turning off my computer or whatever device your accessing WordPress with sometimes fixes the issue. But you may have to do it a couple times. We all feel your frustration. It seems that since this is a free access WordPress doesn’t have to listen to our complaints or issues or fix them quickly.

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      1. i see, you are on a paid service of wp. then you should be treated better and not have issues and wp should address them. i dont have premium service so wp is free for me.

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